Dishah Interview - This Startup Equips Startups With Business Growth Strategies, Resources and Tools for Business Growth and to Avoid a Failure

We are publishing recent interview of Mr. Amit Sharma – Founder & CEO of Dishah Strategic Solutions – A startup which equips startups with business growth strategies, resources and tools for business growth and to avoid a failure. He is an author, speaker & CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the IT/ITES & management consulting industry. Skilled in Sales, Partner Management, Storage, Go-to-m


When Results get ‘TRUMPED’!

America President Donald Trump Mr. Donald Trump has been crowned the 45th president of United States of America. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him and not the way he has carried out his "powerful' yet 'effective' presidential campaign.

Here are top


80% of Organizations struggles with Sales Onboarding. Here is how you can do it successfully.

Is it hard for you to fill Sales Jobs? Do new hires under-perform? What about time and money lost in circling around?

Sales On-boarding is a BIG Challenge for 80% of the Organizations. Long on-boarding time, New Hires under-performance, high churn rate, time and opportunity cost in replacing Sales Reps are few of them. As a result, Organizations are missing Sales Quotas and Revenue.

That makes ef


Our CEO advice on New Office Checklist for Small Businesses

Recently, our CEO was interviewed for an article by Insureon - a popular small business insurance agency in USA. Interview focus was - tips on planning commercial move by businesses. Along with other experts in the domain, Amit also shared his advice for business when planning their commercial move. Here is the tid-bit from the article. 

woman unpacking boxes in a new office space

"Assign a Point Person

CEO of Dishah Strategic Solution


How Sales team can be your biggest asset for Market Leadership

Every entrepreneur wishes to build a successful business. Journey starts with finding great product ideas and evaluates its viability through market research. Based on the initial research about customer, market as a whole and competition, entrepreneurs build products that they believe will be appealing to the market but the fact is 90% of startups fail.

So, how can you build a business model that fly among the customers and help you achieve market leadership. Read the Readmore...

Sales Industry in India Facing a Pressing Need of Brand Ambassadors


View the complete interview here


Amit Sharma, CEO of Dishah Strategic Solutions shared his insight with media about recent changes in the business and technology industry during his visit to “Chennai - Sweden Education Day 2015!” event in Hilton Chennai on November 09, 2015. 


Exceprts from the are conversation is mentioned below:


“Sales & Marketing industry is undergoing a shift driven by technology


5 Steps to Successful Marketing

So, you are here looking for an answer to the question – How to be successful in marketing? I keep receiving these questions a lot consistently from my network as well. If you are wondering that I will talk about the great white/gray or black marketing techniques here, then you should be looking for my eBook on Marketing Channels here. In this article, I am going to discuss th


DISHAH is listed among the“25 Most Promising Strategy and Management Consulting firms” in India.

Dishah adds yet another feather in its cap with India’s top rated Magazine “Consultant Review” listing Dishah among the “25 Most Promising Management and Business Consulting firms” in India. Read the Press Coverage and interview of Dishah's CEO here:

The Founder and CEO of the company Mr. Amit Sharma expressed his pleasure at Dishah being recognized for its worth. In an exclusive interview to Consultants Review,


Social Media Marketing a real strategy or a bandwagon fallacy?


Does social media has any real impact on customer purchasing decisions?

Do you sometimes question the potential of social media marketing?


We notice, most of our Customers dive into social media hoping to increase brand awareness and acquire more customers. Many are disappointed when it doesn't pan out.

Is having Social Media presence equal to having a So


Whats hurting your business more your reputation or your Competitors?


Often looked down as an intangible asset, positive reputation is fundamental to business growth, sustainability, and even for existence of your business. Reputation Management is fast becoming one of the top five factors influencing business growth. Knowingly or unknowingly Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) thrive on good reputation.

While your Organization’s good reputation is key to your Sale and Marketing Strategies,  your Organization’s reputation Competitors good or bad reputation can also be a key differentiator.



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