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    Commercial Excellence

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    Customer Loyalty

    45% to 60% revenue comes from repeat purchases.
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    IT Process Optimization

    62% of global customers switched service providers in 2013 due to
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    Business Process Management

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    Organizational Change Management

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    Service Transformation

    70% of strategic initiatives fall short of their goal. Sounds familiar?

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IT Service Management

Organizations need to breakdown functional IT Silos to deliver positive business outcomes.

IT Service Management Consulting

IT Service Management

Modern day IT organization is still focused on the creation, rather than the consumption, of IT services. Organizations view of IT Services continues to be supply-centric (focused on costs and volumes) rather than demand-centric (focused on business needs and delivered-business-value). There is more to Infrastructure optimization than products and technologies. People and processes compose a significant portion of an organization’s IT service maturity. Providers of IT services can no longer afford to focus on technology,they now have to consider the quality of the services they provide and focus on the relationship with customers.

IT service management deals with how IT resources and business practices are delivered in such a way that Customers experience the most desired result from the accessed IT resource, application, business process or an entire solution stack.

However, lack of comprehensive visibility into IT operations impacts the organization’s ability to standardize business processes, business alignment of IT, achieve consistency in performance. Combined with the need to effectively manage multiple IT vendors, these factors are compelling organizations to have an effective IT Service Management framework to deliver consistent performance.

IT Service Management Consulting

What We Do

IT Service consolidation and transformation is required for driving business expansion. Dishah’s solution will provide structured approach to ensure our Clients’ current IT challenges are addressed, business expectations are met and with high quality deliverables.

We use principles of Tiered Governance structure, bench marking Process definition, combined with industry leading process improvement techniques, to map process measurements to business value and thus creates a systematic approach to continuous value creation. Harmonizing and integrating services, is a balancing act, with an eye on investment requirements and cost savings. With focused investments towards Service Management Layer, our solution tries to manage the gap between Demand-side expectations and Supply-side capabilities.

Our solution at Dishah, improves the transparency and efficiency of IT operations, manages technology consumption to optimize IT investments. The resulting robust and agile IT services help organizations realize process excellence, high performance and improved quality.

IT Service Management Consulting

Our Approach

Dishah’s Service Management Framework (DSMf) helps inenhancing operational efficiencies and effectiveness of teams. DSMf’s main charter is to leverage process management principles to drive continuous improvement through tactical interventions and strategic transformation initiatives that result in clear business benefits.

We start with set up and standardization of Service Management processes, while in parallel devise robust monitoring and governance control on services. At second phase, we drive Operational excellence by integrating the processes with tools, establishing control mechanisms and auditing process adherence. We then, establish and measure key process metrics, service levels and govern Suppliers and Vendors performance. This will deliver steady, quantifiable improvements in performance across a key set of operational and strategic levers.

At next phase DSMfuses the principles of Process Management, combined with industry leading process improvement techniques, to map process measurements to business value and thus creates a systematic approach to continuous value creation.

Furthermore, Dishah offers this solution as a complete four-phased framework, or each individual phase as a solution for those organizations who achieved reasonable process maturity.