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    Commercial Excellence

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    Customer Loyalty

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    Organizational Change Management

    Is your workforce able to adapt to the change and increase
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    Service Transformation

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Organizational Change Management

70% of change management programs fail. In large organizations, the success rate of even the most carefully planned and well-funded programs is somewhere around 20-30 %.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Due to rapidly changing industry dynamics, companies can get to initiatives such as setting new strategy, integrating a recent acquisition, centralizing or restructuring, cutting cost, eliminating redundancy, bringing on different leadership, succession planning, and inspiring employees. Given the constant need to navigate rapid change, it is imperative that organizations introduce systems to help their entire workforce to participate in and adapt to change.

To implement such initiatives using internal resources, which often are inadequate for the job. Senior teams underestimate the scale of the change challenge and imagine that purely tactical, directive procedures will be enough.

At Dishah, we help you apply an integrated planning process by putting in place a successful change and/or transformational strategy that focus on integrating multiple streams of work successfully along with providing a sustained performance. This is achieved by implementing change readiness assessment, 1:1 coaching, and transition and redeployment services that enable organizations to successfully navigate through the change.

Organizational Change Management

What We Do

Best-performing organizations manage change nearly four times more effectively. Organizations that do not manage change well are four times more likely to lose talent.


Our “Organizational change management approach (OCMA)” is a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. Simply put, OCMA addresses the people side of change management.

Using OCMA, we help you putting in place a successful change and/or transformational strategy. It involves applying an integrated planning process, including steps to take before, during and after the change process. While we believe that to prepare beforehand is critical, the actions you take while implementing change, and afterwards, are also very important for a sustained performance. Our systematic and focused approach includes:

  • Understand how previous changes were received and acted on.
  • Map out a change process based on requirements.
  • Identify people who are change champions or might be potential stumbling blocks.
  • Construct an effective communications strategy and system.
  • Provide adequate support and enablers for line managers to lead teams through the change.
  • Measure success.
  • Provide coaching for managers who still need help.
Organizational Change Management

Our Approach

The only valid purpose for a change is to create value and the only way to generate value is through sustained improvements (changes) in the way the organization operates.

Our multi-step approach towards organizational change management can put you on a path to realizing the benefits your organization needs to achieve through the change initiatives it is undertaking.

Dishah’s approach to organizational change consulting is comprehensive and systemic, focusing on achieving exceptional performance based on your specific needs and the business results you want to achieve. Known for our responsiveness, innovation and ability to deal effectively with different situations and changing conditions, we can work with you to ready your people to embrace change, execute strategy effectively and eagerly adopt new platforms. Our successful OCM approach includes:

  • Agreement on a common vision for change -- no competing initiatives.
  • Effective strategy to communicate the vision and sell the business case for change.
  • A strategy for educating employees about how their day-to-day work will change.
  • A concrete plan for measuring CHANGE success and follow-up plans.
  • Strategy to encourage individuals and groups to take ownership for their new roles and responsibilities.