• Commercial Excellence
    Commercial Excellence

    Stranded with increasing expense but stagnant Customer Acquisition?

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  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

    45% to 60% revenue comes from repeat purchases.
    Are you missing on that?

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    IT Process Optimization

    62% of global customers switched service providers in 2013 due to
    poor customer service experiences. Is your service operation in
    line with the trend?

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    Business Process Management

    Are your processes squeezing life out of your business?

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    Organizational Change Management

    Is your workforce able to adapt to the change and increase
    effectiveness on the job?

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  • Service Transformation

    Service Transformation

    70% of strategic initiatives fall short of their goal. Sounds familiar?

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Consulting Services

70% of IT budget is spent on operations and maintenance,bringing Operational maturity to the top of many CIO’s agenda. Is it on yours yet?

Consulting Services

Process Standardization

The ability to ‘make the small big’ by proliferating single improvements and institutionalize them into larger improvements

Over time, Organizations accumulate multiple, disparate and often redundant processes, established to accomplish the same purpose throughout the organization. This generally leads to sub-optimal effectiveness and efficiency and a lack of ability to deliver products and services in a consistent fashion.

Standardization is the ability to realize in practice, immediately as well as in the long run, a set of methods and conditions that make possible repeated high performances.

Standardization enhances operational efficiency in ways recognized and unrecognized.

ISO/IEC 20000 Primary standard for IT Service Management
ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management standard
ISO/IEC 15504 or SPICE Process assessment standard
ISO/IEC 19770 Software asset management standard
CMMI The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework is a process improvement Approach
Six Sigma This comprises a data-driven process improvement Approach
COBIT Control OBjectives for Information and related Technology is a governance and control framework

Establishing and operationalizing optimum conditions and methods is a clearly recognized efficiency enhancing effect of standardization. The ability to transfer techniques, processes, and practices reduces the losses that often occur when such transition occurs.The underpinning of organizational discipline is a well-laid-out standards set-up.

Through Dishah’s business process standardization efforts, we help organizations improve overall performance by enhancing operational efficiency, people efficiency and governance efficiency, thus decreasing cost and reducing cycle times.

To achieve this, we will leverage some of the Industry standards, best practices and frameworks, combining Dishah’s proprietary methodologies and expertise.

Consulting Services

Operational Maturity

Where can we leverage the concept of Operational Maturity? The answer is: almost anywhere.

Many organizations struggle with IT inefficiency in terms of inconsistent system availability, lack of functionality in business applications, high turnaround time, complex management, and end-user dissatisfaction. IT operational maturity initiatives help to overcome these challenges and optimize the IT environment.

An Organization’s operational maturity moves along a spectrum, with chaos existing at one end. As you move across the spectrum from left to right, your enterprise moves into a state of reactivity, then onto being pro-active and service-oriented, and finally at the other end of the spectrum, transforming business and generating business value.

IT Operational Maturity level is determined by assessing how effectively an IT organization has aligned process, technology, people and management. To begin an IT Operational Maturity Assessment, one should have a clear understanding of what the business expects from IT. This will help shift the focus of IT from cost containment, maintenance and stability to innovation, business agility and improved customer experience.

At Dishah, we use BOOST (Begin-Operate-Optimize-Standardize-Transform) maturity model, to assess the maturity of your processes through a well-defined proprietary assessment toolkit. Upon maturity level determination, Dishah consultants will setup a multi layered and multi phased Improvement road map to enable your Organization achieve next Maturity level.

Regardless of your current IT maturity, Dishah’s comprehensive maturity model, BOOST will help your Organization embrace standardization and innovation. The resultant value from this Model allows organisations to have more stable systems and better performing applications, as well as higher employee productivity and morale.

Consulting Services

Resource Competency Management

Linking Company Objectives and Personal Performance

The development of the required competencies and skill level within the organization is a crucial element for the intended growth and continuous improvement for an organization.

We help organisations achieve results that need a change in human behavior. Our competency building framework focuses on helping organisations achieve sustained, measurable results. We design competency matrix that will address specific competency needs of employees.

These practices are customized to the organization need, implemented and monitored end-to-end to measure and sustain competencies required for the employees. Our competency development practices focus on building

  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Sales excellence
  • Customer Loyalty and value.

Dishah's practice develops leaders with focus & ability to execute with excellence and deliver sustained, superior results. Our methodology helps leaders establish focus, clarity and accountability around critical strategic objectives, while competing with daily urgencies. This practice equips individuals and teams to consistently focus and execute on high-impact goals with excellence by taking informed decisions; while battling with unlimited choices, demands, and distractions.

Our Sales Excellence Practices build around the philosophy of “Succeeding by helping client succeed.” Our competency building framework helps sales individuals and teams, focus on activities that are result driven and help them succeed their goals in the fog of their daily urgencies.

Dishah's Customer Loyalty Practice helps organizations increase customer and employees loyalty to drive revenue, profitability and customer value.