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Sales Webinar

How to achieve Sales Targets?

ATSPD Model - Secret to Massive Sales Success

Sales & BD Executives - Are you missing your Sales Targets or looking for a way to grow 10x faster?

Learn the ATSPD Model for Goal Setting used by most successful Sales Professionals to achieve massive success in a short span. 

What Will you Learn?

  • Top Reasons Sales & BD Executives struggle to achieve Targets consistently. 

  • Secrets to achieving Sales Targets & 10x faster Sales Growth

  • ATSPD Model to help you set & achieve Sales Targets consistently

  • Sales Performance Measurement Benchmarks.

  • Metrics and Tools to track your performance

How it will help you?


  • Achieve a Growth Mindset to attract massive sales success. 

  • Achieve Sales Targets successfully without fail.

  • Upgrade from slow growth to 10x faster growth.  

  • Guaranteed success plan to reach higher position(s) of Director/VP in just a couple of years.

Webinar Take Away

  • Goal Setting Template

Participant Speaks

Meet Your Trainer


 Amit Sharma

7times Awarded Best Sales Trainer in India | CEO | Author

Mr. Amit Sharma is a Globally recognised Sales Strategist, 7times awarded Top Sales Trainers in India and Social Media Influencer. Corporations such as Zebronics, Pioneer India, Swaroski, Tommy Hilfiger, Bigtutor, and many more, consult him to grow their Sales.

  • Mr. Amit has trained over 90,000 Professionals and 800+ Corporate 

  • Awarded Best Sales Trainers in India by Consultant Review

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 by Indian Achievers Award

  • Best Sales Coach of the Year by TheCEOStory

  • Most Influential Sales Consultant in India by CorporateVision, London

  • Best Sales Trainers in India by CorporateLiveWire, London

  • Best Sales Trainers in India by GreatCompanies

  • Top 100 Changemaker Influencers in India by KNUTS Platform

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