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Either you ‘sell’ or you are ‘out’ of Sales!

Sales offer a unique opportunity to you that no other field offers:

  • UNLIMITED MONEY to fulfill your dreams – home, car, travels etc...

  • UNLIMITED GROWTH to rise to become Sales Leaders and even CEOs.

With such a BIG OPPORTUNITY in hand, still 67% of sales reps failed to reach their annual sales quota goal last year (Aberdeen Group Research).

Are you part of the 67% category?
  • No Leads : Failed to generate interested and high potential leads.

  • No Meetings :Failed to engage interested leads into productive discussions for sales conversion.

  • No Discussions :Failed to drive positive actions through in-person meetings/online presentations, Webinars etc…

  • No Sales : Failed to win deals without hard negotiations or minimum purchases.

Result– Empty Pipeline, Longer Sales Cycle, Minimum purchases & missed quotas.

How are others achiving success in Sales?

I have been in your place and lived the life of desperation, Struggle & Failure. This got me thinking, how I can overcome my failure to become a highly productive Sales Rep(s) and win deals over and over again. And, my search lead me to the secret of ‘Sales Success’.

And, the secret lies with the other 33% of Sales Rep(s) that are hitting their quota annually, crushing their numbers like a super star, making hell lots of money and growing to become Sales Leaders, VP(s) and CEO(s).  

This got me thinking, how do they do it?


  • Do they work very hard?

  • Are they coming from big institutions?

  • Are they very experienced?

No, they are pretty normal people but one thing that was common among all is – their Strategic Sales Approach. Yes, unlike other 67% of Sales Rep(s) that relied on ‘Generic’ Call and Sell approach to Sales, these 33% of Sales Rep(s) were using strategic Sales Approach to help them –


  • Contact to the Right Buyers

  • Engage him in productive sales discussions

  • Influence his purchase decision

  • Increasing the size of the deal

  • And, winning deals

And, they did -
No Efforts Sale!
  • No Chasing Customers - They invested little efforts in cold calling/Email/Social etc... And hardly had I found them running after prospects.


  • 8 Hours working - I found them in office for hardly 8 to 9 hours where other Sales Rep(s) slogged for 12 to 15 hours & 7 days a week.


  • Closing Deals faster - They were closing deals in less than 5 calls/meeting and their conversion rates were sky high.


  • Big Leads - They were handling the entire Sales Cycle from Lead Generation to Negotiations like a breeze and management trusted them with big leads, accounts, escalations – you just name it.


And, this lead to Sales Success for them – making huge incentives, winning promotions, appreciations, exposure – all that anyone can wish for.

80/20 Strategic Sales Formula Secret!

Surprised! I was too. So, it got me curious about what is this ‘Strategic Sales Approach’ that is doing wonders for everyone. When you look at Sales through the eyes of a Sales Leader, the winning formula is: 80% of Planning and 20% of Execution.

80% Strategy

Demand Generation Strategy to find high potential lead  sources.

Strategic Prospecting Campaign to create a hook to engage potential leads over Phone, Email, Social Media or In-Person. 


Gatekeepers and Objection handling Strategies to get buyer interested in first 30 seconds. 


Identify buyer's pressing needs, buying motivation to influence his purchase decision. 


Framework to deliver relevant and productive meetings, presentations or webinars


Competition Strategy to protect leads from competition and overpower it in sales discussions.


Framework for effective negotiations to protect proposal value, avoid discounts and win deals at their true potential. 

20% Execution

With this powerful source of information in hand, all that Sales Rep(s) were needed to do is execute the plans.

  • Reach out to the most potential leads that have pain, realize it, ready to pay for the cure.

  • Introduce the Pain and the Cure. Highlight its value and uniqueness.

  • Discuss the purchase plans and close the deal.

That was the power of ‘Strategic Sales Approach’ and you will find very few people talking about it and those who do, they talk in parts leaving the hard work to piece it together to you.

This prompted me to share this successful formula and of course in one piece to quickly figure out your product, it’s market, customers, his business, competitors, proposals, its value, presentations skills, negotiations skills and closing the deals like a boss. So, if you are desperate for success, here I give the complete ‘Sales Success in 2 Weeks’ course with a Limited Time offer:

Limited Period Offer

Sales Leadership Course

A combined 2 Weeks Sales Training Course – Sales Mindset + Prospecting + Lead Generation + Cold Calling Strategies + Social Media Prospecting + Email Prospecting + Opportunity Qualification + Value Demonstration + Decoding Product Features + Decoding Customer Mindset + Decoding Customer Business + Decoding Competition + Delivering Product Presentations/webinars + Expedite Product Trails + Strategic Negotiations and Closing the Deals.

This course will teach you how to create your own 80% of Strategic Framework to become the best Lead Generator, Lead Nurture and Deal Closer in the industry.

Rs. 27,900 /-

Sales Decoded Book

Book offers you an undiscovered and underutilized edge - CREATIVE SELLING. Book teaches you how to use CREATIVE SELLING to win prospect 'Trust' and 'Investments' over and over again.

Sales Decoded Book is of the best-seller business books on Amazon.

Rs. 499 /-

Sales Leadership Webinars

Top Sales Webinar(s) from me on Sales Strategy, Sales Productivity, Sales Forecast and Sales Funnel Management and more….4 Hours of Lecture on Sales Leadership and its components.

Webinar series will help you understand Sales Leadership Concepts and ease your way to become the Sales Leader.

Rs. 3,499 /-

Sales Leadership eBook

Demanding customers are difficult to handle. You feel tensed and helpless. This results in losing an important customer and puts your reputation, career and success at stake in front of your manager.

In this eBook, you will learn The Top Strategies to handle a difficult customer without losing conversation control.


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Unlimited Support

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