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Amit Sharma Sales Leade

Sales Funnel Optimization Challenges | Online Workshop

Learn - Enterprise Strategies to BUILD High Performace Sales Funnel!

Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Sales Consultant | Trainer | INC42 Contributor 

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Amit is a great guy to do business with. Skilled and reliable. I surely recommend 


Claudio, Panerai

Milan, Italy

Amit is an extraordinary individual who not only delivers what is promised but makes the experience enjoyable and memorable. I have no reservations recommending Amit.

Kelvin Lamb

Centurion, South Africa

How to BUILD High Performace Sales Funnel

Free Online Workshop

Why Sales Funnel Optimization?

Every Sales Funnel Leaks, but some leak more than others and unfortunately in the most expensive places –that’s the difference between thriving OR surviving and dying. 


Yes, in today’s competitive market, having a leaking sales funnel can represent the difference between putting money in your pocket or handing it straight to a competitor.

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In a recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, on average,

  • Companies that reported having ineffective funnel management had an average growth rate of only 4.6;

  • Companies with effective pipeline management had an average growth rate of only 5.3, a 15% increase.

  • Interestingly, companies who continuously optimized Funnel practices saw a whopping 28% higher revenue growth.

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Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Strategist | Consultant | Trainer
Author | Strategist | Consultant 

What will you learn?

In this webinar, business owners/Entrepreneurs/Sales Leaders/Managers  will learn; 


  • What are the key components of a Sales Funnel?

  • How to identify leaks in your Sales Funnel?

  • How to fix the leaks and optimize the Top, Middle and Bottom of Sales Funnel?

  • Steps to Highly Optimized Sales Funnel Model

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