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Sales Mindset #1 What really convince a customer? Product Information or Something Else?

Sales Mindset

Customer want Product Information

How do Sale People see Sales? Gather Product Information, its key features, technical comparison etc. and start sharing it with the customers over call & email to create their interest. Most of you believe customer wants product information. This is the mind-set that drives each of you to share product features with the customer over phone, through email as well as through Linkedin messages. Our Sales Pitch is completely focused on glorifying:

  • Product’s/Service features & benefits

  • List of Customers and Partners

  • Awards and Recognition

Here are couple of examples for you

How to convince a customer

If customer is really looking for product information, then why does he

  • Back-off from the call as soon as you start highlighting product features?

  • Doesn’t respond to your email & Linkedin messages filled with product information?

  • Make excuses or raise objection

“Send me an email”,

  • “Call me in X Months”,

  • “We are already using another product”,

  • “We don’t have budget” or simply “Not Interested”.

Customer needs a Solution

The fact is customer isn’t looking for product information. That’s anyway accessible to him from your website. Customer wants Solutions. Customers is struggling with a Pain. The Pain he is having from either –

  • His existing solution that isn’t meeting the expectations or

  • The Pain of not having a solution at all

His business performance is struggling and business productivity, revenue and profit is at stake that he is desperate to resolve. Instead of talking to him about his business challenges, it’s implications and your Plan of Action to counter it, you approach him and talk about your product features. It’s like a doctor talking to his patient about medicines, its salts’, salt proposition instead of the problem and its solution.

It’s simple human psychology. To a human, his requirements, his interests, his business, his profit are far more important than your product, it’s features. He doesn’t care what your product has but he does care what your product can do for him. So, if you are really serious about engaging customers into conversation over call, emails or Linkedin messages then

Don’t Talk About

  • Your Product and It’s Key Features as a key driver to win Sales

  • Customers Awards & Recognition

Instead, talk to him what’s important to him

- Highlight his business Pain Points

- Highlight It’s Implications on Business Performance, Productivity and Revenue

- Propose your product as solution

- Discuss Results customer can expect.


In short, if you align your Sales Pitch from “All about Me & My Product” to “All About Customer and his Problems” then engaging strangers into conversation and winning their investments can be done at a snap of your finger.

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