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How to Break the Ice with Clients in Sales Meetings, Calls and Events.

It was my First Sales meeting with the Customer. I wanted a good start for a chance to win this deal. I said this to the customer in my 1st meeting & lost the opportunity... "It’s really great to meet you Mr. X. I am Amit. How may I help you?" Yes, I was nervous & went straight for the business talk. I didn’t let both of us warm up to each other and the customer felt uncomfortable. He didn’t open up to share his hidden problems & Desires. Instead, it was just surface talk.

  • What product he is looking for?

  • How he wants it?

  • How soon he wants it?

And, no mention of hidden challenges, competition products considered, budget constraints etc... even though I tried to push him for it.

People do business with people they like and for this, you should make him/her at ease first. I learnt it the hard way and worked on set of statements to easily break-ice with customers

  • In Calls/Meetings

  • In Road Shows/Networking Events

  • Virtual Calls

It helped me start great conversations. Customers easily warmed up to me &

  • Shared their problems/Desires.

  • I built lasting relationships

  • It paid off with great Sales ConversIons.

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