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Best Sales Tip on How to Convince a not-interested Customer

Best Sales Tips
How to Convince a Not - Interested Customer

I was working with a potential client in Delhi. They were interested in my solution. We had a productive first meeting and they were delighted.

After the meeting, they promised to finalise the solution in the next meeting but even after multiple meetings & calls, the client was...

Not moving forward with the purchase.

I was curious as to what was stopping them from moving ahead with the purchase. I enquired multiple times but every time they had a similar response:

"We are still considering it."

After thorough deliberation, I knew what was wrong here. It was my biggest enemy in Sales - The customer's comfort zone.

They were used to their existing setup and were unsure of change and that's stopping them from moving forward.

Yes, change can be difficult for any customer especially when the existing solution is working well. So, unless they clearly see:

1. Shortcomings of their existing setup

2. Strong Business Case/Value Proposition of the new solution

They won't move forward.

Realising this, I quickly put together a business case and ran across their management. And, voila, this proved to be the best sales tips as they released the PO in the next 3 days.

There are two more enemies in Sales that stop your customers from moving forward with purchases and they are:

2. Pricing &

3. Cheaper Competition.

How to deal with that?

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