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How to Generate Inquiries & Sales using Linkedin Social Selling

I was told Linkedin can generate a huge number of inquiries and I can go from Phone to Social Selling to double my Sales in no time.

I started sending Connections Requests, beautifully crafted messages & Offers to all connections and prospective customers, and surprisingly, in the next 6 months...

  • I barely got a response.

  • I didn't generate any inquiries except a few new connections.

I had limited time for Linkedin but didn't know what to do.

I was heartbroken.

To find answers to decoding Linkedin, I started researching, learning & realized,

Customer Perception of Linkedin is Different. They don't expect Sales Pitch & offers.

Instead, they expect, more learning from you -

  • What kind of Business problems do you solve for them

  • Benefits & Differentiations will they receive from your association

  • Trust & Relationship building

Clearly, my outbound selling approach was wrong. So, unlike Phone Selling, I changed my outbound approach to inbound viz -

  • Give More

  • Serve More

  • Get More

And, Boom. I started -

  • Receiving good Incoming Connection Requests

  • Incoming Enquiries & Sales

And, now, with only 5 hours a week investment, Linkedin is my Top Sales Generator.

Good News, I am sharing my Top 30 Social Selling Strategies to help you Generate 10x more inquiries & sales.

Would you like a copy? Comment 'Yes' to claim your Free Copy. Click here to claim your FREE copy.

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Page also gives you access to - 

  • List of Wrong Questions to Ask in Sales Meetings

  • List of Negative Words to avoid in Sales Meetings

  • List of Spam Words for Email Marketing

  • Linkedin Most Popular Hashtags

  • Sales Meeting Preparation Tips & more...

Would you like a copy?

Remember : Ebooks are Available to Download towards the Bottom of the Web Page. 

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