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How do I Get Email List Database for Lead Generation?

Vikas asked, how do I find Industry Specific Lead Database for Email Marketing. Watch the Video for:

  1. How to Find Lead Databases for Email Marketing?

  2. Top Email Database Selling Companies List

  3. The most important tip for selecting an Email Database

If you prefer to read, I have mentioned the list below.

Email Marketing is crucial for Demand Generation. And, to successfully generate business enquiries, the most important requirement is having a Lead Database.

Its not a big challenge to find industry specific lead databases. You can search it online and you will find all kind of vendor selling or renting Email databases.

The bigger challenge is to find Qualified Email Databases. These are verified contacts that will high Email Deliverability Rate and low Hard Bounce.

So It goes without saying, do not go for vendors selling upto 50 lakhs or 1 Crore Contacts for as low as couple of hundred bucks. Buying those databases will prove fatal and can get your domain blacklisted since these contacts are unverified leading to hard bounces and blacklisting.

Here I am listing top companies selling/renting email databases with ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model and assurance of providing :-

  1. Verified Contacts

  2. Databases for all types of Industries, Sectors and Countries.

First List is of vendors selling/renting global databases I.e for any country, continent, sector or industry.

Second, list is specific to Indian sub-continent. These are the vendors selling/renting Indian customers contacts and you can rent it from any sector or industry.

I hope it will help.

Having a qualified Email Database is only half problem solved. Second Part of the Problem is how to use email databases and successfully generate enquiries. It's not easy to generate enquiries with just email campaigns unless your campaign has all the right ingredients to grab customers interest.

I am doing a webinar on Email Campaigns this coming Friday May 29 at 4pm where I will be talking about - How to Generate 10X more Sales Leads through Email Campaigns using Email Lead Magnet. As part of this webinar, I will be teaching -

  • How to use Automation tools for Email List Building.

  • How to write most effective Email Subject Lines and Email Body to drive customer interest

  • How to Setup Lead Magnets to drive 10X more Sales Enquiries

  • Tools and Metrics for Email Campaigns.

If you are interested to join, please click the link to get more details

All the Best.



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