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How to grab customers attention to your email campaign?

In this video, I will talk about the Third hurdle an email campaign has to cross to stand a chance for customer’s response - How to Stand Out in Customer’s Inbox and Grab Customers Attention.

On an Average, a customer receives 20 to 50 emails per day. How do you make sure that your email grabs his/her attention and he/she actually opens it?

There are two elements responsible for driving the high open rate for an email.

  1. Schedule Timing

  2. Subject Line.

Let’s talk about timings to send an email. If the timing is right it increases your chance to get your email noticed by customers. But If the timing is not right, it will simply get buried under the stack of other emails which reduces chances of grabbing customers attention.

So, you would always want your email to be on Top of the Stack among the first 5 emails that gets instant attention from the customer.

Watch the Video for the best time to send email campaigns.

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  • How to write most effective Email Subject Lines and Email Body to drive customer interest

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  • Tools and Metrics to measure your campaign performance.

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