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Most Popular Linkedin Hashtags and Best Practises for you

I was new to Linkedin and like any newbie, I was super confident, my post will reach thousands of professionals & generate 100s of Enquiries. My First 15 posts received...

a mere ˜1ooo views in total. And engagements, it's confidential.

My heart was broken.

Other's post appeared on my wall when we were not even connected.

And my posts were just happy to stay within my wall.

To break my jinx, I browsed most popular posts & noticed blue#Hashtag

I knew my mistake & my rescuer -#Hashtag[ golden opportunity to get tons of views]

I got excited and immediately wrote my next post with half the words as#Hashtag. I knew this post will be a milestone in my Linkedin Marketing. The first one to hit solo ˜1000 views.

I barely got 100 views in 24 hours. And, for this, I checked my phone like 200 times.

I was heart broken again but stubborn. I started researching on HashTags and finally figured out -

  • How to find most popular Hashtags

  • How to use them to gain massive reach & views

Now, my post gets over 20K views in just 24 hours.

I built a list of most popular hashtags with Linkedin Best practices that makes it super easy for me to use most popular hashtags in my post.

Would you like to get access? Click here to Claim your FREE Copy

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