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Consultant of the Year 2020 Award to 'Dishah Consultants' by the Leading Magazine 'TheCEOStory'.

I am happy to inform you all - I have received the honorary "Sales Consultant of the year 2020" by the leading Global Magazine "TheCeoStory" for amplifying Sales for 100+ Companies by improving their Sales Team productivity using Authoritative Selling.

I am extremely thankful to our Corporate Customers, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs who have trusted us and made us a National Leader. I am sharing this happiness with you all by offering a whopping 60% discount on our upcoming Authoritative Selling Full Day Workshop. Discount Code is mentioned in the end.

As I await Sales Consultant of the Year 2020 award, this reminds me of

My first Sales Job Review which was the worst experience till date I had faced in my life.

I started in Sales in 2004 as Sales Executive and my first Job Review Appraisal happened after 6 months. My Sales Manager Hari called me in his cabin for the review. I didn’t know what exactly was the proceedings.

Just to be prepared, I reviewed my Sales numbers and it was a below average performance. I was afraid!

I had been a Courier Boy for the past 8 months and after failing at multiple interviews, I landed an opportunity in Sales with a decent Salary that lasted for a month. I couldn’t afford to lose such an opportunity. I was afraid, I might not get this opportunity again. I might have to go back to my last Job with earning as less as Rs. 2,000 a month.

With great uncertainty, I entered into his cabin.

Hari - “Amit, how are you doing with Sales?”

I knew what he meant. He wanted me to accept the fault.

Me - "Hari, I know I am struggling with Sales. I am trying hard but this is new for me."

Hari - “Your performance is not up to the mark. I have to take a decision on it but first can you fill this online form for me.”

"Ï have to take a decision on it.” My mind was stuck on this brutal line. I could see it coming. I will soon be out of here.

With great disappointment, I started to fill out the questionnaire. It had all performance related questions and some Job Satisfaction/Manager Rating Questions in the end.

This was the toughest part, I was rating my own performance on a scale of 0 to 5 before my manager will put down his rating for my work. I could choose any number but I decided to be honest with ratings. I marked Below Average for each performance question.

As soon as I finished, I told Hari - “Hari, I am feeling very bad about my performance. I wish to improve. If you could give me another chance, I won’t disappoint you.”

Hari was quite and asked me to go back to my desk and continue with Sales Calls. Few days after, I saw my colleagues receiving their hikes/promotion letters. I was worried for an exit letter but didn’t receive any.

It was an indirect message that I was given another opportunity. Hari was my hero. I thanked him and committed myself to solving my Cold Calling & Sales Challenges. On my research, I discovered Authoritative Selling.

Authoritative Selling helped me to go from

  1. Struggling Sales Executive to heading Global Business Development for an IT Company in just 3 years.

  2. Setup my own company and received awards such as :

  3. Top Sales Consulting & Training Firms in India by multiple magazines; recent one being TheCEOStory Magazine in April, 2020.

I will be sharing Authoritative Selling Secrets coming Saturday [May 02, 2010] through a full day Authoritative Sales Training Workshop. To share this happiness, I am offering a whopping 60% discount on Tickets purchase.

If you a Sales Professional or Entrepreneur and are troubled with Sales Challenges -

  • Appointment Generation is a struggle?

  • Gatekeepers Block you and Customers avoid you with excuses - ‘Not Interested’, Busy, Call me Later, Send me an email, already having a solution….

  • It is hard to sell to customers against Cheaper or Established Competition.

  • Customers disappear after hearing pricing or negotiate hard with you.

I will be providing you solution to these challenges that will help you crack ‘Not Interested’ customers and get 70% more Sales.

To avail the discount, use the code [AuthoritativeSelling] on the payment page



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