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Forget Big Leads failure with Top Sales Intelligence Strategies

Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Sales Consultant | Trainer | INC42 Contributor 

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Workshop Topics
  1. How to build Sales Intelligence and use it for Big/enterprise/corporate/b2b Lead Generation, increase lead potential, Winning Customer Trust and Investments??

  • How to build Sales Intelligence for Product, Prospect & his Business and make winning pitch using FAB, WIIFM, BTO, Account/Buyer Classification framework?

  • How to qualify Lead’s business potential?

  • How to crack Buyer’s Psychology?

  • How to create Upsell & Cross-Sell opportunities?

  • How to Build Buyer Person?

Problems Solved

1.    Product Value /USP

  • How to identify, explore and communicate Product Value for attention grabbing? 

  • How to get a prospective customer interested in your product for business use?

  • How to convince customer to buy more expensive product without concerns like high/low pricing, new/unknown brand objections?

2.    Business Potential

  • How to identify customer needs / wants and Expectations for making a right pitch and increase win chances? 

  • How to explore his buying motives & Signals for sure shot deal win?

  • How to explore Upsell & Cross-Sell opportunities and convert small deals into big accounts or strategic partnerships? 

3.    Decision Maker Psychology

  • How to identify various Psychologies exists in decision makers?

  • How to tune your Sales Approach for various psychologies to connect with prospect at an emotional level and hold memorable conversations to win more deals?

4.    Account Classification/Buyer Persona

  • How to analyze and draw customer persona for generating massive qualified B2B Corporate Leads and fill your pipeline with opportunities? 

  • How to handle various opportunities in pipeline, prioritize focus & distribute efforts for maximum win ratio with limited efforts? 

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Shivam & Priti

Very good content on Business Leads nurturing. Our problem with convincing ceos is no more and performance levels has increased drastically. 

Sales Professionals


Having gone through several Sales Motivation programs but nothing really helped me engage key stake holders in enterprise sales. This program really offered me piratical strategies to engage decision makers and hit my quota.

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