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  • For Sales & BD Professionals | Entrepreneurs

    Struggling to Sell Products & Services? Learn Authoritative Selling to Win 70% more Sales.

    Sales Training Program for Sales Professionals, Business Development Professionals, Telecaller, Telemarketer, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Coaches.

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    Businesses | Corporate

    Troubled with Slow Sales Growth? Double Sales Team Productivity with AST Program

    Sales Training Programs for Businesses and Corporates. New Sales Team Onboarding & Experience Sales Team Productivity Improvement.

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Business Meeting

Top 30 Contact Finder Tools for BD & Sales Professionals.

Explore Top 30 tools to automate ‘finding contacts’ and  list building in minutes. Tools such as :

  • Zaubacorp

  • Hunter

  • Anyemailfinder

  • Leadmine

  • Listgrabber

This ebook has been downloaded by over 5,000 + Sales & BD Professionals and rated 5/5.

Access without Restrictions.

  • Cold Email Templates

    Top Cold Email Templates to Drive 70% more Response Rate from Customers.

  • Most Popular Linkedin Hashtags

    A huge list of most popular Hashtags for getting more visibility for your post.

  • Best Email Finder Tools List

    List of Best tools to automatically find customer email and contact details.

  • Top Sales Interview Q&A

    Crack any Sales Job Interviews with the list of Top Sales Job Interview Q&A.

  • Best Ice-Breaker  for Sales Meetings.

    Best Ice Breaker Statements & Questions for Great First Impression in Sales.

  • Power Words & Statements in Sales

    Power Words  to Influence Customer Purchase Decision.

  • Top Sales Objections

    Top 25 Sales Objections by Customers and How to Handle it?

  • Linkedin Inbound Selling Techniques

    Best Linkedin Inbound techniques to generate more Leads and Sales.

  • Linkedin Post Idead to Promote Product

    Top 20 Linkedin Post Ideas to effectively Product your Product or Service on Linkedin

  • Spam Words in Sales

    400+ Spam Word for Sales & Marketing Emails to avoid Spam Filters and reach Customers Inbox.

  • Sales Idioms for Sales Objections

    List of Popular Sales Idioms to help you better handle the Sales Objections from Customers.

  • Top 50 Sales Acronyms

    List of Popular Sales Acronyms to help you better handle Customer Communication.

  • Sales Decoded eBook

    Looking to upgrade from Sales Executive to Sales Leader Approach? Discover most effective Authoritative Sales Approach

  • Customer Meetings

    4WH Model to Successfully Prepare for Sales Meeting with Customers. 

  • -Ve Sales Words

    List of Words & Phrases to be Avoided in Sales hurting your Client Communication and their Best Alternatives.

  • Wrong Question

    Top 10 Wrong Questions to Ask in Sales Meeting that hurt your Customer's Interest.

  • Top Sales Strategies 

    Top 30 Sales Methodologies Acronyms are explained in this ebook such as AIDA, LIAR, MEDDIC etc...

  • Top 20 Sales Metrics

    Top Sales Metrics to help you measure and improve your Sales Performance.

  • -Ve Sales Words

    List of Words & Phrases to be Avoided in Sales hurting your Client Communication and their Best Alternatives.

  • Closing Techniques

    Top 20 Sales Closing Techniques to close sales. This ebook has been downloaded by 2,700+ professionals.


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