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Corporate Vision, London.

Best Sales Training Companies. 

TheCEOStory Award.

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Indian Achievers Award.

Sales Consulting Leader of the Year 

CorporateLiveWire, London.

Best Sales Consulting Companies.

Consultant Review Award.


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Best Sales Training in India

Syed, Director

The sales methodologies we have learned from Amit's Authoritative Selling Sales Training are pragmatic & priceless. After attending his course, my team is now able to convert leads from 20% to 80%.

Sreekumar, GM

It was extremely informative and helped us to open up the thought process that we had contained in Sales. Extremely positive response from my team was of the reflection of our acceptance and credibility with in the Sales and marketing.

Mohan. B, Ceo

Thank you Mr. Amit. Indeed we were so grateful to you for your navigation to Authoritative Selling.  We have been successful in creating more leads & sales by practicing your methodology.

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    Troubled with Slow Sales Growth? Double Sales Team Productivity with AST Program

    Sales Training Programs for Businesses and Corporates. New Sales Team Onboarding & Experience Sales Team Productivity Improvement.

  • For Sales & BD Professionals | Entrepreneurs

    Struggling to Sell Products & Services? Learn Authoritative Selling to Win 70% more Sales.

    Sales Training Program for Sales Professionals, Business Development Professionals, Telecaller, Telemarketer, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Coaches.

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In a Meeting

Signs of 'No Interest' in Sales Conversation

Reading interest level of a Customer in a Business Conversation is an art form, not a skill. 


There are so many intangibles — 


  • Are they listening to your attentively or not?

  • Are they mirroring your Verbal and Body Language or not?

  • Are they interested or just agitated?

  • Are they genuinely laughing or just faking it?

  • Are they sitting relaxed or stiff?


How we read these signals can make all of the difference in terms of our own success at Sales. Here is a Guide to Identify 'No Interest' signs from Customers. 

This ebook has been downloaded by over 5,000 + Sales & BD Professionals and rated 5/5.

Access without Restrictions.

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