Sales Meetings or Calls, your First Impression will be of an Authority and not Salesman

Get over Customer Interaction Failure with Top Sales Skills

Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Sales Consultant | Trainer | INC42 Contributor 

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Workshop Topics
  1. How to Sell to B2B/Enterprise/Corporate/CXO Level Customers?

  • How to introduce yourself to corporate/enterprise prospects/decision makers?

  • How to establish your Authority and be seen as a Trusted Adviser for sale conversion?

  • How to win prospect’s trust in first call or meeting using Authority?

  • How to carry out effective communication to build his interest using RAMP Model?.

  • How to generate enterprise b2b leads and engage him using 30 seconds ‘Sales Pitch’?

  • Traps of Enterprise Leads Prospecting and Tips for Successful Prospecting & Cold Calling

Problems Solved

1.    Effective Prospecting  -  How to be Presentable & Interesting in first conversation

  • What are good ways to approach prospective customers?

  • How to grab prospective customer attention? 

  • How to win prospective customer trust and confidence in first meeting/call?

  • How can you convert prospects into customers instantly? 

2.    Effective Prospecting  -  How to communicate effectively

  • How to improve listening & communication Skills?

  • How to communicate effective to big/enterprise prospective customers

  • How to identify prospective customer needs and expectations?

3.    Effective Prospecting – How to be an Authority? 

  • What are good ways to get more qualified leads into your sales funnel?

  • How do I find out when customer will buy and the amount he will invest?

  • How do I find out prospective customers buying motives and signals

4.    Effective Prospecting -  Sales Pitch

  • How to engage prospects in first 30 seconds without losing him? 

  • How to sell without sounding salesy? 

5.    Effective Prospecting – Prospecting Strategies

  • How do I generate B2B Leads?

  • How do I generate Leads through LinkedIn?

  • How do you generate leads with Twitter?

6.    Traps of Prospecting & Tips for Successful Prospecting

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Shivam & Priti

Very good content on Business Leads nurturing. Our problem with convincing ceos is no more and performance levels has increased drastically. 

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Having gone through several Sales Motivation programs but nothing really helped me engage key stake holders in enterprise sales. This program really offered me piratical strategies to engage decision makers and hit my quota.

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