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Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Sales Consultant | Trainer | INC42 Contributor 

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Amit is a great guy to do business with. Skilled and reliable. I surely recommend 


Claudio, Panerai

Milan, Italy

Amit is an extraordinary individual who not only delivers what is promised but makes the experience enjoyable and memorable. I have no reservations recommending Amit.

Kelvin Lamb

Centurion, South Africa


Amit Sharma

Sumit Sharma

Mani Sharma

Dhani Sharma

Guni Sharma

Amit Sharma

Sumit Sharma

Mani Sharma

Dhani Sharma

Guni Sharma

Amit Sharma

Sumit Sharma

Mani Sharma

Dhani Sharma

Guni Sharma

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Sales Success Training Program

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Sales Leadership Course
Sales Decoded
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Sales Leadership Course

A combined 2 Weeks Online Sales Training Course – Sales Mindset + Prospecting + Lead Generation + Cold Calling Strategies + Social Media Prospecting + Email Prospecting + Opportunity Qualification + Value Demonstration + Decoding Product Features + Decoding Customer Mindset + Decoding Customer Business + Decoding Competition + Delivering Product Presentations/webinars + Expedite Product Trails + Strategic Negotiations and Closing the Deals.

This course will teach you how to create your own 80/20 of Strategic Framework to become the best Lead Generator, Lead Nurture and Deal Closer in the industry.

Sales Decoded Book

Book offers you an undiscovered and underutilized edge - CREATIVE SELLING. Book teaches you how to use CREATIVE SELLING to win prospect 'Trust' and 'Investments' over and over again.

Handle Difficult Customers eBook

To be successful in Sales and advance in your career, you need to know the important skill of handling difficult customers. In this eBook, you will learn​, different types of demanding behavior and situations that produce a difficult Customer. Top Strategies to handle a difficult customer without losing control.

Sales Leadership Webinars

Top Sales Webinar(s) from me on Sales Strategy, Sales Productivity, Sales Forecast and Sales Funnel Management and more….4 Hours of Lecture on Sales Leadership and its components.

These webinars will help you train on Sales Leadership and ease your way to become the Sales Leader.


Very good content on Big Leads nurturing. This program is a great guide to helping sales people from a wide range of experience.

— Jenny & Rani, Sales Professionals

I bought this program to learn strategies behind Sales in a new territory. This has definitely helped me to drive new business.

— Arun, Sales Professional

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