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Amit Sharma
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How to Improve Sales Team Productivity?

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Why Sales Team Productivity?

Organizations are losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in Revenue due to Sales Team Productivity. This is not it, organizations are spending exuberant amount of investments in Sales Reps hiring, on-boarding, training, compensations and retention but still Sales Teams are unable to meet their monthly quotas. CEOs/CSOs/Managers are stressing out on the ever increasing problem of Sales Team Productivity:

Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Strategist | Consultant | Trainer
Author | Strategist | Consultant 
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  • Sales Team is unable to generate new opportunities

  • Sales Team is struggle to engage & convert existing opportunities

  • Sales Team are losing opportunities to competition.

  • Sales Team is unable to sell products/services without hefty discounts and promotions further adding to the profit margin woes of organizations.

What will you learn?

In this webinar, business owners/Entrepreneurs/Sales Leaders/Managers  will learn; 


  • Top Sales Team productivity challenges that are hindering Performance, Revenue and Growth

  • Best Strategies to Boost Sales Team Productivity and deliver high performance

  • Top Model to measure Sales Team Productivity

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