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If you are here then you must be hiring or considering hiring of new Sales Rep(s)? 
Yes, but what is so freaking risky about it?

I will come straight to the point. As per Aberdeen Group research, on an average, a new Sales Rep(s) takes between 6 to 8 months to be productive. This includes 2 to 4 months of Internal Training/self-learning,  and 2 to 4 months of pipeline building before he could be productive.

But, what if the new hire(s) under-perform after such a long wait?
  • No Revenue - It results in a long wait of over a year with no Revenue.

  • Investments Loss- A loss of Salary investments made in him/her for over a year.

  • Dead Leads - Lost investments for Lead Generation.

  • Expenses - Additional expenses and pain to go through the hiring cycle again.

In short, putting your business at serious risk.

You wonder, why does it happen?


  • Training activities (Self-learning, budding session, Product Only Training etc...) in this approach are happening in SILOS. And, RELEVANCY (Sales Challenges posed by market & competitor dynamics) barely exists that results in under-performing Sales Rep(s)

  • Organizing Self-Learning training, general product only training is limited by Sales Rep(s) personal interest, existing skills and past experience. Limited interest, skills and experience results in limited productivity and maximum ineffectiveness.

  • Approach ignores imparting critical Intel needed to build & influence customer buying decision such as Competitive Landscape, Customer Business Model, business challenges, Need, buying motivations etc…


And I have just scratched the surface!

I am yet to mention about other challenges that Sales Rep(s) should be prepared for to be most effective during Sales discussions.

  • How to find leads, reach and connect with them?

  • How to convince gatekeeper(s) to connect with decision makers?

  • How to introduce product(s)/service(s) to decision makers to win their interest?

  • How to prove product value to customers and avoid traps of 'Product-Needs Misfit', Product lacks key functionalities or highly priced, Customer Trust issues with Sales Rep, Product and Brand or superior/inferior comparison with competition.

This put your business at a very high risk of losing investments, potential revenue and even competitive edge as I have seen in many cases while working with my clients.

Is there a chance to avoid it?

It wasn’t there before but now you can have it- my Sales Onboarding training solution. As part of the training, I will teach your new hire(s), two critical aspects of Sales Success,

Strategic Framework for Maximum Lead Engagement and Conversion

Sales Skills & Tools for Maximum Effectiveness in Lead Generation

  • Framework to quickly decode prospects business model, challenges faced and crafting WIIFM to be used to quickly build ‘Trust’ in initial Sales engagements.  


  • Framework to quickly Decoded Product/Service/Solution Features and turn them into Benefits that prospect would understand and relate to their business challenges.


  • Framework to identify Decision Maker(s), their buying motivators to be used to showcase its relation to product features and use as a tool to build his trust and confidence in product.


  • Framework to quickly build buyer(s) persona and classify accounts for identifying potentials and for upsell & Cross-sell opportunities.


  • 30 Seconds Sales Pitch Framework to hook and engage prospects over Phone, email and In-Person


  • Framework to identify competitor Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats and overpower them in any Sales Discussion.

  • Lead Generation aka Prospecting  

    • Top Lead Generation Strategies

    • Effective Prospecting Framework for maximum Lead Generation

    • Don’t of Lead Generation


  • Cold Calling

    • Tips to cross Gatekeeper(S) on maximum occasions

    • Strategic Prospecting Campaign to turn Cold users into Hot & Interested Leads

    • Tips to handle Buyer’s objections related to product usage, value, features, pricing or competition.

    • Tips to leave voice mails those results in call backs


  • Cold Email Campaigns

    • Crucial Email Components

    • Ineffective email strategies

    • Strategic Email Prospecting Campaign framework that motivates buyers to Open, Read, React and Take positive action


  • Social Media Prospecting for Lead Generation

    • Strategies to Leverage Social Media for Sales Success

    • Strategies to build brand that prospects would love to associate

    • Methodological framework to conquer social media in generating unlimited opportunities


What can you expect out of it?
  • Your New Hire Sales Reps(s) will hit the Sales Floor in just 2 days – instead of 3 to 4 months.  

  • They will start building Sales Pipeline & converting leads  in less than 2 months instead of typical 6 to 8 months.

  • Chance of being successful in winning deals will shoot from 20% to 80% or more.

  • Earning quick and over par revenue will be possible as they can now judge right deal potential and  Upsell & Cross-sell.

  • And, not just Sales, they will be prepared to bring additional insight about customers, his business, product & competition for strategic business & marketing decisions. This will change the game for you.

  • Their productivity and performance can be assessed and handled in less  than 3 months instead of over a year; saves you hell lot of money, time, efforts & resources

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No, I am happy to RISK millions!

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