People buy into the leader before they buy into their vision — John Maxwell.

  • "We loved the book from the beginning to the end. Very practical.. Golden knowledge for those in sales. Will keep re-reading it and of course, apply in action."

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    • Parineeta Sehgal & Shivam Choudda
    • IT Sales & Support

  • "Great book for the beginner to the pro. We read this book about 2 weeks ago, its like a refresher on our foundation for selling. easy read and anaecdots are exemplary."

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    • Mehak & Arkita
    • L&T
  • "After feeling a little bit dissapointed on my performance and ready to quit my position, I found this book and decided to give it a try; knowing nothing about the author but just going by the reviews. I'll tell you. I do not regret a thing about buying this book and I'm actually glad for doing so."

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    • Sumit Sharma
    • Banking Professional
  • "This book is timeless. I've been reading this book over the past few weeks and started applying its principles. Results are pretty amazing and speak for themselves."

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    • Tarun Koushik
    • Business Owner


Commercial Excellence

Success in Sales is ‘UNLIMITED’. There is a massive opportunity of earning money and rewards right before us but only a few are able to grab it and change their life forever. Opportunity is equal to all then why only few of us have that ‘MAGIC TOUCH’ to convince people,get them to invest and invest 'BIG' into whatever they sell?

Globalization, Economic Climate, and evolving technology has made modern day selling ‘COMPLEX’. Today’s prospect expects not just ‘Need Fulfillment’; it is the ‘SUCCESS’ he seeks.

Book offers you an undiscovered and underutilized edge - CREATIVE SELLING. Book teaches you how to use CREATIVE SELLING to win prospect 'Trust' and 'Investments' over and over again.

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About the Authors

Amit Sharma is currently heading Dishah Strategic Solutions ( business consulting company as the CEO. He has over a decade long experience in heading sales initiatives at various levels from frontline sales to Executive Management.


Lakshmi Sirisha works as Lead Consultant in a reputed ITMNC. She has over a decade of experience in business process and strategic consulting. Her expertise spans across multiple domains handling high profile & strategic Accounts and million dollar deals.


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