Business Landscape has become excessively competitive. Organizations in their growth journey need to be highly competitive, productive and profitable to stay ahead. However, with ever changing buyer’s preferences, staying profitable is a humongous task.

Hence, businesses need effective  sales solutions to keep them ahead of the curve. Solutions that connects business strategy and operational effectiveness; breaks down high level vision into actionable activities; sync the entire Sales Operation, Sales Process, Sales Tools and Sales Team Skills with the high level vision to create highly productive Sales Operations.

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Dishah is here to offer business with consulting & training solutions to infuse growth, productivity and profitability and make business more competitive. A sizable operation suffers with multiple problems viz Vision, Strategy and Operation Alignments, Operation Productivity, Operation Effectiveness, Operation Profitability or simply Teams Performance. Dishah analyze the problem & symptom and believe in equipping organizations with Business and Sales Strategies that provide quick term and long term solutions; Quick solutions as pain relief and long term solutions as a surgery to wipe out ineffective and unproductive elements. This enables recovery and growth for an organization without impacting business operability.

Our Services

Sales Consulting

Unlock Channel Potential. Boost Revenue. Breakthrough Finnancial Results

Customer Trends and Industry dynamics are changing the rules of the Sales & Marketing Game. While customers are becoming more Sophisticated in their buying behavior, how companies organize, plan and carry out their Sales & Marketing efforts has also become more complex. That makes capturing and retaining customer business - and doing so profitability - more challenging than ever. 

At Dishah, we understand the value of taking holistic view of customers. We help clients completely transform their organization by boosting growth, reducing cost and building best in class capabilities.

  • Strategic Initiatives for Market Penetration or Development

  • Boosting Customer Acquisition and Retention                  

  • Building Lasting Revenue Growth Capabilities                 

Business Strategy Consulting

Growth. Profitability. Sustenance

Company Leaders worldwide are feeling ​increasing pressure to improve the performance of their business. Far too many companies fail to achieve their growth targets in Revenue and Profitability. Major challenges faced by organizations today are - 

  • Keeping up with the market

  • Planning Ahead               

As business growth, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions. The challenge is to identify the key initiatives that will make the competitive difference. 

Dishah's STR (Strategy to Result) approach is a set of actions that enables a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts. We collaborate with our client to support the critical initiatives that will drive superior performance. We use rigorous fact based analysis and pride ourselves on helping clients create pragmatic and actionable strategic plans that are focused on bottom line results.


  •  Innovative Growth Focus Strategies increasing bottom line. 

  • Sustained results through integrating strategies and execution infrastructure.

  • Building Organizational Capabilities and Performance Management

Sales Training

Our belief is that customer is at the center of the Sales Process. Customer and his business needs, challenges,growth aspirations forms 80% of the sales discussion and rest 20% is how an organization can help resolve it.

At Dishah, we strongly believe in “Authoritative Selling”. We believe in creating consultants and not Salesman. Consultants who - 

  • Showcase extensive Business Knowledge & Trust builds automatically.

  • Provide solution for his business problems & sales happen automatically.

  • Deliver highest value to customer business & deal size increases automatically.

  • Build relationship with customer and loyalty establishes automatically.

Improve Sales Productivity. Boost Customer Engagement. Gain Revenue Growth

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