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Learn the Art of Presenting Yourself as an Authority to Customers, outshine Competition and Win 70% Sales Deals in First Meeting.


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Struggling to Sell?

  • Customers like your Product or Service but Don't Buy? 

  • They disappear after hearing the Pricing? 

  • They start avoiding you with excuses -

    • Not Interested,

    • Already have a Solution or

    • Send an Email

  • They stop responding to your Email or Linkedin messages?

  • You are losing Sales Deals to Cheaper Competition? 

  • Customers Negotiate Hard for best offer and still  buys cheaper competition?

  • Sales takes forever to Close. 

Guess what, you are not alone. 80% of Sales, BD Professionals & Entrepreneurs are struggling today to generate Business enquiries and Win Sales from daily Call, Email, Linkedin & Face-toFace meeting.

And, the only Question they have is - Why do customers avoid me? 

Why do Customers Avoid you?

What did I learn about Customer Psychology and How to Sell Better?


3X Awarded Top Sales Influencers in India | Author - Sales Decoded | CEO | Keynote Speaker

Hi, I am Amit. I have been a Salesman throughout my Career.  I have sold


                                                            Enterprise Solutions  in oversees Market, 

                                                            Startup Solutions in Domestic Market,

                                                            My [Startup] Services to Corporates & Individuals. 


And let me tell you,  I too struggled to Generate Business Enquiries & Sales in early days. Regardless of my products or services, customers avoided me. Even worst, they bought from a cheaper competition.

This made me realise how the mindset of a CXO Customer work. 

Customer Mindset

How Customers see a B2B Sales Decision?

Purchase is a Strategic

Decision regardless of Product or Service Price.

Bad Purchase can lead to 50X loss of investments, resources, time, Reputation.

Salesman just sells. Only a Sales Leader can understand our Business and guide us to right Solution.

How to Position Yourself as an Authority?

For this you need 

B2B Sales Training Program

Customer Skills

  • Understanding Customer Psychology, Business & Challenges

  • Ability to make

    • Customer Speak his Mind without doubts & Hesitations

    • Sell through impactful Sales Demos & Presentations

    • Turn Objections into Opportunities

    • Turn Customer ‘No’ into ‘Yes’ 

    • Create Sales from Followups

    • Establish Brand Superiority over Competition. 

    • Ask Difficult Questions & Take Commitments 

    • Identify Opportunities to Grow Deals Size, Partnerships

    • Skills to Upsell, Cross-Sell & Close Deals on the Spot 

B2B Sales Training Course

Sales Skills

  • Successful Leaders Mannerism & Body Language

  • Successful Sales Leaders Mindset & Etiquette 

  • Influential Personality for profound impact on others. 

  • Exceptional Influencing Skills 

  • Convincing Sales Communication

  • Exceptional Presentation Skills

  • Ability to Shape People Decisions

  • Exceptional Face-to-Face Sales Nuances Knowledge

  • Thorough Phone, Email & Linkedin Tools Knowledge
  • Thorough understanding of Trust & Relationship Building


Authoritative Selling

Best B2B Sales Training Programs

Desert in Dark

Learn the Art of Presenting Yourself as an Authority to Customers, outshine Competition and Win 70% Sales Deals in First Meeting.

Master Selling On Phone

Authoritative Sales Pitch and Customer Objection Handling Skills to Generate 10x More Enquiries and Sales on Phone. 

Master Selling on Email

Authoritative Email Communication Framework and Followup Magnet to Generate 10x more Interested Leads and Sales from Emails.

Master Selling on Linkedin

Authoritative Inbound Content Marketing skills & Linkedin Funnel building to Generate 10x more Leads and Sales from Linkedin Marketing.

Master Face-to-Face Selling

Authoritative Customer Communication Framework, Sales Presentation & Negotiation, Objections, Competition & Closing Techniques to win 70% Sales in First Call or Meet.

After The Program?

You will be able

To Sell any B2B Product or Service in any Market

Close 70% more B2B Sales in First Meeting or Call

Customers will pay attention to you & believe you

Grow deals size to double and Triple

to Generate 70% more Appointments

Earn more and Grow to higher Positions

What Participants Say about the Program?

Master Selling on Phone
Master Selling on Email
Master Face-to-Face Selling

Register today

  • Master Selling On Phone

    2.5 hours Video Course

    Howt to Generate 10X more Business Enquiries & Sales over Phone using Authoritative Sales Approach. 



  • Master Selling On Email

    2.5 Hours Video Course

    How to Generate 10X more Business Enquiries & Sales using Email Marketing Techniques?



  • Master Selling on Linkedin

    2.5 Hours Video Course

    How to Generate 10X More Business Enquiries & Sales using Linkedin Marketing Techniques?



  • Master Face-to-Face Selling

    2.5 Hours Video Course

    Learn to Sell Like an Authority and Win 70% Sales in First Contact or Meeting.



  • 4 Courses Bundle Program

    10 Hours Video Course

    Join Authoritative Sales Leadership Program including - Cold Calling, Linkedin Marketing, Email Marketing and Face-to-Face Selling.



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