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Sales Training Courses in India

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Sales Training Companies in India

6times Awarded Best B2B Sales Workshop



Master the Art of Sales Persuasion

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B2B Sales Training Courses

Are you struggling to convince B2B  customers?

  • Do customers enquiry for your product or service but do not buy?

  • Customers disappear after making the enquiry, after first meeting or after taking the pricing?

  • Is your sales team struggling to meet individual and team targets consistently?

  • Do you have difficulty motivating and inspiring your team to achieve their full potential?

  • Do you feel like you're prospecting ineffectively, leading to a lack of qualified leads?

  • Are you struggling to find the right decision-makers within target companies?

  • Do you find it challenging to overcome objections and close deals effectively?

  • Do customers readily negotiate price, leaving you feeling unsure of your value proposition?

  • Are you constantly learning and developing new skills to stay ahead of the competition?

  • Are you able to bounce back from rejection and maintain a positive attitude during setbacks?

Topics Covered

What will your Learn?

Presenting Authoritative Sales Expert courses to Master the Art of Persuasion to dominate customer mind space, create buying urgency, convince customers against competition and close 70% of your sale with ease.

Personality Development


Duration: 1.5 Months

Price: ₹29,999/-


  • Enhance your personal brand and build the foundation for sales success.


  • Develop a winning personal brand, build strong communication skills, and establish a foundation for achieving your sales goals.

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Master Sales Closing 

Duration: 3 Months

Price: ₹59,999/-


  • Transform into a closing expert and maximize your sales conversions.


  • Develop a customized sales pitch, master need analysis techniques for lead qualification, acquire persuasive closing skills, handle objections, and develop follow-up & account management strategies.

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Master Lead and Appointment Generation

Duration: 2.5 Months

Price: ₹49,999/-


  • Become an expert at lead generation and secure qualified appointments.


  • Develop a customized sales pitch, master cold calling techniques, acquire objection handling skills, create lead-nurturing email templates, and leverage LinkedIn for lead generation.

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Leadership Skills

Duration: 2.5 Months

Price: ₹29,999/-


  • Develop effective leadership skills and strategies for organizational success.


  • Develop effective communication, team building, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence to lead your team with confidence through change. Become a confident and inspiring leader.

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Participant Speaks

Best B2B Sales Training Course

Yusuf, Head HR
Mayora India

"Practical insights and actionable strategies provided will undoubtedly make a significant difference in our team's approach and performance. I extend my gratitude to Dishah Consultants, our training partner for their exceptional support and collaboration."

Veena Trivedi, Sr. HR, Learning & Development

Advance Laminates

"During the training, we have experienced an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion to empower sales professionals to reach their full potential."

Dhiraj Gupta, CEO

Cosee Pillow

"Experience with Dishah was too good and they delivered what they have promised and looking forward to much more training sessions from Dishah Consultants, thank you."

Shailesh Kumar Singh, Export Business


"Me and my team has enjoyed this complete session a lot and they have learned a lot even though they are having a bundle of experience but you know every time it is a new learning."

Subhanush Mahapatra, L&D- Head,

"When the trainees completed the training and joined on the field, we could see that they were full of enthusiasm, they were full of energy, they were highly motivated and they were actually delivering."

Avinash, Business Development Manager

"The training provided our team with very effective strategies I could use and now my team feels much more confident in dealing with behaviour in this way."

Omkar Patil, Sales Head


"The training provided our team with very effective strategies I could use and now my team feels much more confident in dealing with behaviour in this way."

Balasubramaniam, Founding Promoter

Manchester Properties

"We had an excellent two -day training session with Dishah Consultants. The session was amazing, excellent. Very fortunate that we had this kind of training programs to our staff. We always believe that training helps building up the organization."

Traner Profile

Meet Your Trainer


Mr. Amit Sharma

Sr. Sales Coach | CEO - Dishah

6times awarded Best Sales Trainers in India, Mr. Amit Sharma has over 18 years of hard core Sales Experience in B2B and B2C Industry. He has held top Senior Leadership Positions and has trained over 1,50,000+ Sales Professionals and over 650 Corporates.

  • Linkedin
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Mr. Lalit Mehra

Sr. Sales & LeadershipTrainer

Mr. Lalit comes with extensive 25+ years of Sales experience. He has Trained over 40K Sales Professionals across industries and regarded as the best Sales Trainer especially in FMCG, Industrial, Insurance and Automobile Sector.

  • Linkedin
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Mr. SreeNivas

Sr. Sales & Leadership Coach 

Mr. SreeNivas is a seasoned Sales Coach, Trainer for Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Managers & Students.

With over 2 Decades Sales Experience, he has trained more than 50K sales people across industries.

  • Linkedin
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Mr. S. Sridhar

Sr. Sales & Leadership Trainer

Mr. Sridhar comes with extensive 40+ years of Sales experience with a Masters Diploma in Training from IATD. He has Trained over 75,000 Sales Professionals across industries.

  • Linkedin
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Mr. Kuldeep Singh

Sr. Sales Trainer & Leadership Coach

A dynamic Sales and Marketing professional with 20+ years of rich Sales experience in Training, Capability building. Mr. Kuldeep has Trained over 30,000 Sales Professionals across India and abroad.

  • Linkedin
Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.08.15 AM.png

Mr. B.L.Harish

Sr. Sales & Leadership Trainer

Mr. Harish comes with extensive 26+ years of hard core Sales & Coaching experience with International Sales & Softskills certification from AMMCAD & ILA Academies. He has Trained over 75,000 Sales Professionals across Industries in Pan India.

  • Linkedin
  • Any Sales Training is good? What is so special about Authoritative Sales Training?
    Yes, any Sales Training is good. Content has NO big value. To be frank, you don’t even need to pay for Sales Training; best Sales Training content is available for free in YouTube and Google. What is most important about any Training is - The Trainer & Practical Learning All out Trainers started their career as Sales Executive and grew to the leadership level in a span of few years. As such they have insights into Sales Techniques that work at a large level which thousands of Sales Professionals are benefitting from.
  • What is included in the Training?
    Your purchase will include: Certificate digital copy Sales Playbook Additional Sales Resources eBooks, Videos and more for continuous learning Continuous Support from Trainers
  • Will I get a refund?
    As a standard practice, you can ask for a full refund 1 week before the Training schedule. No refund is provided after the Training is completed.
  • Will the training be customised to my requirements?
    Yes, training will be experiential and full of activities, role plays, and mock sessions and during the activities, trainers will help you personalise the concepts according to your industry and product or services.
  • What will happen if I miss the Training?
    You can join the next session typically happen within 3 months without any additional charges.
  • Will I get a GST invoice?
    Yes, participants can request for GST invoice. 18% GST will be charged additionally.
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