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Praneeth, Ceo

Amit. helped me with Sales Consulting to setup Sales operation for BigTutor. It has been extremely successful beyond Words.

Rajesh, Ceo

Amit has vast knowledge in Business Development. His help and Guidance was immensily useful in driving our Sales Results.

Syed, Ceo

The sales methodologies we have learned from Amit's Authoritative  Training are pragmatic & priceless. After attending his course, we are now able to convert leads from 20% to 80%. I recommend Authoritative Selling course to all Entrepreneurs.

Prasanna, Ceo

We enjoyed a lot....and learnt a great deal from the training. Amit energy was consistent and every bit of it was interesting. Amit has a great vision and he is on a mission to uplift the entire Sales & Entrepreneur Fraternity in India. 

Mohan. B, Ceo

Thank you for the Training Mr. Amit.  Indeed we were successful in creating more leads and were confirmed also. 


We are grateful beyond measure for your encouragement, thoughtfulness, support, compassion etc…..


The Art of Convincing Not Interested Customers



Authoritative Sales Leadership Program for Entrepreneurs

Category     : Training & Coaching Program

Duration      : 4 Days

Type.          : Marketing & Sales

Seats.         : Only 10

Timings.      : 9 am - 12:30 pm

Price           : Starting  ₹ 999


Training Program teaches - Demand Generation | Cold Calling | Telemarketing | Email Marketing | Linkedin Marketing | Sales Presentation |  Sales Objections | Negotiation | Closing Techniques | CRM, Sales Pipeline  and Goal Settings. 

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Looking to Generate Faster Sales with minimum Efforts & Investments?

Category    : Training & Coaching Program

Duration     : 6 Weeks

Type           : Marketing & Sales

Included.    : Strategy & Implementation Support

Price          : ₹ 9,999

Trainer       : Amit Sharma

Coaching Program covers - Learning Market Research, Building Sales Strategy, Marketing & Sales Funnel, Marketing Channels, Content Marketing, SEO, Advertising, Implementation Guidance & Support. 

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Authoritative Sales Leadership Program



Authoritative Sales Leadership Program


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