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Sales Decoded - 5 steps to 'Powerful Selling'

People buy into the leader before they buy into their vision — John Maxwell.


Success in Sales is ‘UNLIMITED’. There is a massive opportunity of earning money and rewards right before us but only a few are able to grab it and change their life forever. Opportunity is equal to all then why only few of us have that ‘MAGIC TOUCH’ to convince people,get them to invest and invest 'BIG' into whatever they sell?

Globalization, Economic Climate, and evolving technology has made modern day selling ‘COMPLEX’. Today’s prospect expects not just ‘Need Fulfillment’; it is the ‘SUCCESS’ he seeks.

Book offers you an undiscovered and underutilized edge - CREATIVE SELLING. Book teaches you how to use CREATIVE SELLING to win prospect 'Trust' and 'Investments' over and over again.


Very good content on Big Leads nurturing. This book is a great guide to helping sales people from a wide range of experience.

— Jenny & Rani, Sales Professionals

I bought this book to learn the strategy behind Sales in a new territory. This has definitely helped me to drive new business.

— Arun, Sales Professional

Best Sale Strategies

Top strategies to unlock Deal's Insight

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