Corporate Sales Training Programs

Corporate Sales Training Programs

Authoritative Selling

Learn the Art of Selling to 'Not Interested' Customers, outshine Competition and Win 70% Sales Deals in First Contact.

What we offer

Best Corporate Sales Training Program in India

Sales Team Performance Improvement Training

Team Struggling to Win Sales? Get 70% Sales conversion in just 1 Workshop. After the Workshop, Team will

  • Discuss Value over Product to Engage 70% more Enquiries. 

  • Discuss Value over price to beat cheaper competition.

  • Precisely qualify lead’s potential to reduce Sales Cycle by half.

  • Easily identify Upsell/Crossell opportunities to double deal size.

  • Deliver unmatched productivity to double Sales Conversion.

  • Easily generate Referrals, new inquiries using Phone, Email, In-Person & Social Selling.

  • Easily explore hidden Partnerships opportunities to double revenue.

New Sales Team Onboarding


Hiring New Sales Team? Get them productive in just 1 Month. After the Workshop, 

  • Lead Generation will happen in 2 Weeks instead of 3 Months.

  • Sales Team will be able to generate their own new inquiries using Phone, In-Person Meets, Email and Social Selling.

  • Sales Team will engage 70% of Decision Makers on 1st Contact.

  • Sales team will deliver 100% Productivity over Phone, Email, Social Media & In-Person. 

  • Sales conversions will happen in 2 months instead 8 months.

  • Sales conversion will shoot upto 70% without Hard-Selling.


Customer Retention and Accounts Growth Training

Team struggling to Grow Accounts? Get 40% more Revenue Per A/C in 1 Workshop. Post Workshop, Team will

  • Building precise Customer Persona and identifying crucial and profitable accounts.

  • Identifying opportunities to Nurture, Upsell and Cross sell

  • Building Relationship for customer retention

  • Identifying opportunities for Strategic Partnerships


Top Corporate Sales Training in India

  • Inside | IT | Telecom

    Get 70% more Customer Inquiries and Sales Conversions with Authoritative Selling Program.

  • Automotive | Cars

    Get 70% more Automobile Sales with Authoritative Selling Program.

  • Real Estate Sales

    Get 70% more Visits and  Sales with Authoritative Sales Training Program.

  • Retail Sales

    Get 70% more Walk-ins to Sales conversion with our Authoritative Sales Training Program.

  • Industrial Sales

    Get 70% More Customer Meetings to Sales conversion with our Authoritative Sales Training Program.

  • BFSI Sales

    Get 70% More Customer Meetings to Sales conversion with our Authoritative Sales Training Program.

  • Pharma Sales

    Get 70% More Customer Meetings to Sales conversion with our Authoritative Sales Training Program.

Customers Speak

Best Corporate Training in India

Syed, Director

The sales methodologies we have learned from Amit's Authoritative Selling Sales Training are pragmatic & priceless. After attending his course, we are now able to convert leads from 20% to 80%. I recommend Authoritative Selling course to Sales Professionals, entrepreneurs and whoever aspires in Sales.

Prasanna, Ceo

We enjoyed a lot....and learnt a great deal from the training. Amit energy was consistent and every bit of it was interesting. Amit has a great vision and he is on a mission to uplift the entire Sales Fraternity in India. 

Sreekumar, GM

It was extremely informative and helped us to open up the thought process that we had contained in Sales & Marketing. Extremely positive response from the attendees was of the reflection of our acceptance and credibility with in the Sales and marketing.  Thank you for opening our eyes to a new state of opportunity and strength. We will practice this with immediate effect.

SunnyCharan, BDM

I recommend Authoritative selling workshop to all sales professionals. This workshop helped us in our sales pitch. I am sure, it will help all future aspirants. Amit Sharma is a top class trainer and his energy is infectious

Mohan. B, Ceo

Thank you for the Training Mr. Amit. Indeed we were so grateful to you for your navigation to Authoritative Selling.  We need you to witness our successfulness by practicing your methodology in creating more sales leads. Indeed we were successful in creating more leads and were confirmed also. 


Thank you once again to be part of our optimization. We are grateful beyond measure for your encouragement, thoughtfulness, support, compassion etc…..

Attendees speak

Best Corporate Sales Training Programs in India

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Corporate Sales Training Programs

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