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Welcome to Dishah’s Podcast for Sales Excellence. Dishah brings through the weekly podcast, to its 20,000+ viewers, insight on Sales Management, Challenges & Best Practices, Sales Skills, Processes and Tools. Podcast includes 30 minutes discussion with its guest speaker on Sales Management and its various aspects. Our Viewers receive advice, expertise and best practices from our guest speakers to implement in their businesses and careers to achieve excellence in Sales Management.

Through the podcast, our viewers also get to know about the Guest Speaker, associated organization and product and services offered in their respective markets and industries.

Podcast Audience & Broadcast

Podcast broadcast happen to rapidly growing 20,000+ viewers. Primary audience includes CXOs, Senior Management as well as Sales Professionals from Software and Information Technologies, Telecom, FMCG, Automobile, HVAC, Hospitality, Medical and other industries. Our audience hails from Domestic region specifically Southern States in Indian to global audience from USA and Europe.


Podcast broadcast happen live through Facebook, Google+, Youtube and Twitter and recorded copy is shared to our viewers through Blog, email, Linkedin, SoundCloud, Itunes and more…

Guest Speaker

CXO, VP, Director or Independent Consultants, Authors, Coaches, Trainers can join us as Guest Speakers.

How to Nominate?

  • To nominate for Guest Speaker, please fill out the form and submit.

  • Our Podcast Management Team will reach out to you with the invite, dates and Podcast Kit after profile review.

  • Questions will be provided to Guest Speakers 2 days prior to Podcast.

  • Podcast telecast is Free of Cost.

  • Guest Speakers are not charged any fee to be part of the podcast.

  • Guest Speakers can share podcast's recorded copy through their blog, Linkedin or any such medium. 

  • Guest Speakers can request Podcast Guest Speaker Badge for their Blog, website. 

  • Podcast length will be 30 to 35 minutes strictly. 

  • Guest Speakers can join the live podcast from their home or office using Headsets and Google Hangout.

  • Guest speakers are allowed to mention any Sales Job related openings. 

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