Authoritative Selling

Get 60% More Sales Conversion & Unmatched Brand Loyalty. 

Retail Sales Challenges

  • Sales Team low Productivity hurting Customer Experience & Sales? 

  • Sales Team is struggling to -

    • Engage Visitors?

    • Get Visitors interested into Products?

    • Convert Browsers into Shoppers? 

    • Sell multiple Products to Visitors? 

    • Sell Loyalty Programs to Customers?

    • Deliver Proper Brand & Buying Experience and Increase Repeat Purchase and Loyalty? 

Retail Sales Landscape


Retails Customers are Demanding. They have ever changing needs and expect best matched products with best price to be delivered with premium buying experience. This demands Sales Professionals to adopt customised Sales Approach that will help him/her - 

  • Engage Visitors into effective Sales Conversation without losing Customer’s Interest

  • Dig Out their hidden needs, desires and Buying Drivers such Events/Occasions. 

  • Showcase Products with benefits that appeal to their Buying Motivation

  • Establish Need/Desire Vs Benefits match to increase Sales Conversions

  • Use Customer’s Lifestyle, Buying Habits & Preference to drive Upsell and Loyalty Programs. 

  • Deliver unmatched Buying & Brand Experience for Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty. 

Presenting Authoritative Selling

Convert Your Sales Team into Brand Ambassadors and Drive 60% Sales Conversion & Unmatched Brand Loyalty.​

After the Program, Your Sales Team will : 

  • Greet all customers appropriately, build rapport and encourage them for Sales Conversations. 

  • Find out right reasons for Customer's Visit/Call/Email. 

  • Asks the right questions to uncover the customer’s Needs | Hidden Desires | Buying Motivators

  • Asks enough ‘lifestyle’ questions to pre-empt adding on to create a total solution. 

  • Posses enough product knowledge to show the right products to the customers. 

  • Adapt the amount / level / type of information needed to best resonates with his/her needs. 

  • Uncover Customer’s true Objection and be able to effectively overcome it. 

  • Maintain margin and doesn’t give away discount as a first option. 

  • Add additional items to a sale to create a total solution for the customer.

  • Makes sales, hits targets. 

  • Builds a base of loyal customers. 

  • Helps to reinforce the brand positioning through the customer experience. 


Our Approach

Step 1


  • Sales Team & Stake Holders Interview.

  • Gathering Sales Challenges

  • Understanding Team Skillset

  • Discovering Your Customer Profile

  • Researching Competitive Landscape

  • Perform Mystery Customer Visits

Step 2


  • Design Different Customer Personas.

  • Sales Approach for Target Customers.

  • Right Communication Framework 

  • Sales Challenges & Skills Needed.

  • Customer Objections and Answers. 

  • Sales Process Situations & Solutions.

Step 3


  • Classroom Training (OR)

  • Online Training (OR) 

  • Mix of Classroom & Online

  • Topic Based Activities Included

  • Extensive Role Plays for Practice

  • Video Based & Example Based Learning

Step 4


  • Refresher Sessions for Training

  • Weekly Calls for Progress Check

  • Phone & Email Support 5 Days a Week

  • Training Materials for Self Learning

  • Access to our Best Seller Books & eBooks

  • Regular Feedback

Our Achievements

We are the Top Rated Retail Sale Training Consulting Firms in India


Sales Professionals Trained across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Hyderabad

Best Sales Training

Awarded Best Sales Training Program in India by 

Consultant Review Magazine

Top Sales Training Company

Awarded Top Sales Training Company in India by 

Great Companies Magazine.

Top Sales InFluencer

Amit Sharma (Ceo Dishah) awarded Top Sales Influencer in India by 

SalesAdda Magazine


Corporate Trained - Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile, IT, Hospitality, Pharma, Real Estate etc... 

Company In Focus 2019


Company in Focus 2019 by 

CEO Magazine

Our Customers

Customers Speak

Syed, Director

The sales methodologies we have learned from Amit's Authoritative Selling Sales Training are pragmatic & priceless. After attending his course, we are now able to convert leads from 20% to 80%. I recommend Authoritative Selling course to Sales Professionals, entrepreneurs and whoever aspires in Sales.

Prasanna, Ceo

We enjoyed a lot....and learnt a great deal from the training. Amit energy was consistent and every bit of it was interesting. Amit has a great vision and he is on a mission to uplift the entire Sales Fraternity in India. 

Sreekumar, GM

It was extremely informative and helped us to open up the thought process that we had contained in Sales & Marketing. Extremely positive response from the attendees was of the reflection of our acceptance and credibility with in the Sales and marketing.  Thank you for opening our eyes to a new state of opportunity and strength. We will practice this with immediate effect.

SunnyCharan, BDM

I recommend Authoritative selling workshop to all sales professionals. This workshop helped us in our sales pitch. I am sure, it will help all future aspirants. Amit Sharma is a top class trainer and his energy is infectious

Mohan. B, Ceo

Thank you for the Training Mr. Amit. Indeed we were so grateful to you for your navigation to Authoritative Selling.  We need you to witness our successfulness by practicing your methodology in creating more sales leads. Indeed we were successful in creating more leads and were confirmed also. 


Thank you once again to be part of our optimization. We are grateful beyond measure for your encouragement, thoughtfulness, support, compassion etc…..

Corporate Workshops Completed

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