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Sales Consulting

Organizations paralyzed with complex sales model, that are not focused on their high value customers, stranded with increasing sales and market expenses at the cost of decreasing revenues.

Why is it needed?

When a company’s sales channels realize their full potential, they not only boost revenue and share but create a high performance organization pulling together for breakthrough financial results.



Customer trends and industry dynamics are changing the rules of the sales & marketing game. While customers are becoming more sophisticated in their buying behavior, how companies organize, plan and carry out their sales efforts has also become more complex. That makes capturing and retaining customers business — and doing so profitably — more challenging than ever.

At Dishah, we understand the value of taking a holistic view of sales. We help clients completely transform their sales organization by boosting growth, reducing cost and building best-in-class capabilities.

Our approach extends from quick targeted interventions that unlock value to more holistic sales transformations focused on architecture, execution, and skill-building opportunities across the client's entire go-to-market model.

What do we do?

We improvise and execute your strategy. You get above-market growth.

Coordinating the sales force and sales channels — two critical aspects of any company’s efforts to go to market — is a complex process that demands a clear strategy, and the capabilities to make that strategy work.

To help our clients gain competitive advantage, we utilize rigorous analysis and a deep understanding of organizational processes to unlock the potential of marketing and sales resources. And, in order to realize sustainable economic impact, our work extends across strategy, planning, execution, and capability-building. Within the sales and channel management function, our specific service offerings include -


Sales force effectiveness

For a company’s sales force to succeed, it must be able to target customers effectively and efficiently. This service offering supports clients in understanding customer requirements, designing the sales and service approach and coordinating the processes, systems, and structures needed to support a high-performing sales force.


Key account management


Determining the proper size, composition, and capabilities needed to attract and retain large customers is a highly complex task. The key account management service helps companies work more strategically through the design and deployment of account teams that can coordinate these efforts across BUs / product lines.


Channel management


The channel management service offering advises companies on how to build tailored business streams to more effectively manage their business within and across channels: setting investment priorities and key areas of operational focus; managing channel conflict; bundling capabilities to better and more profitably serve customers.


Point-of-sale performance


Most companies don’t use Point-of-sale (POS) data effectively. The POS performance service offering helps clients use this real-time data to develop effective pricing, promotion, assortment and loyalty programs, build collaborative relationships with distribution partners, and capture benefits from a more efficient and responsive supply chain.

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