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How to write the best Subject Line?

How to write the Best Email Subject Line

Email Marketing is extremely crucial to Lead Generation, Revenue Generation, Customer Service etc...Email Marketing success starts with getting the emails opened by the customer. Email Subject Line plays a crucial role in getting high or low email open rate.

Bad Subject Line example - "I just wanted to briefly introduce you a tech company that you may not have heard of COMPANY X‖"

Such Subject Line will hardly get past the spam filters. Eventually, they will deliver minimum open rate. Yes, no or low email response rate to put it in other words. So, what’s wrong with this subject line and how to write a best one that persuade customers to open it.

Good Subject Line example – "Check out if your boss actually likes you?"

  • Top Pain / Gain

Bad Subject Line doesn’t answer - why customer should open it? For best open rates, a Subject Line should answer to customer - What’s in it for Me? (WIIFM).

  • Emotional Appeal

Bad Subject Line has no emotional appeal. Good Subject Line always includes an emotional appeal such as Curiosity, Scarcity, joy of gaining or fear of losing.

  • Action Words

Bad Subject Line has no action words to drive action from customer. Good Subject Line will always ask a question with action words such as – "How do I" followed by the Top challenge of customer. Check out the image for reference.

  • Short Subject Lines

Bad Subject Line is long and cannot be read on Phones. Write short Subject Lines. 28 to 39 characters gets maximum Open and CTR.

  • Establish Familiarity

Include your name or company name if customer knows you. If not, mention customer name to grab his attention.

  • Cheat Spam Filters

Avoid Special Symbols, Capital Letter, words like 'Free'.

  • Measure effectiveness

Use a tool to verify SL effectiveness

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