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23 Toughest Sales Job Interview Questions and Answers

I failed in 3 Sales Job Interviews. It taught me a lot about Interviews, Selection Producers and Questions Asked. Eventually, it helped me crack my next 2 Interviews including the one with a Fortune 500 company.

I lost my Sales Executive Job as part of the 2008 Slowdown...

Jobs were rare & pressure was mounting.

Searching a Job became my full-time job. I started sending my profile to all IT companies in Chennai. However, I didn't get a response for straight 8 weeks.

It struck me, maybe my resume isn't powerful enough to grab HRs attention. I researched HR's selection procedure and subsequently, made changes to my resume.

TO my surprise, I got 3 interviews lined up for the month. I was on Cloud 9.

However, as fate wanted it, I flunked all 3 for my poor performance. It crushed me and before it could hit my self confidence, I had to find the answers to help me crack a Job interview.

I started revisited my answers, wrote them down, made changes to it, & rehearsed like an actor. I prepared for -

  • Sales Skills to be highlighted in a Sales Job Interview

  • What Interviewers look for in Resume?

  • How to create the best first impression before the interview?

  • How to Introduce myself Authoritatively to create a positive impression?

  • 26 Tough Interview Questions and Answers.

  • Do's & Don'ts of Interview

  • Questions to ask Interviewers and more...

As they say, best preparation is half battle won.

  • I got 2 Interviews with 3 & 4 rounds respectively. I cracked it.

  • I never had to look back at failed Interviews again.

Good News. I am sharing the tips that will help you crack a Sales Job Interview without breaking a sweat.

Would you like a copy of Toughest Sales Job Interview Questions and Answers? Click Here Page also gives you access to - 

  • List of Wrong Questions to Ask in Sales Meetings

  • List of Negative Words to avoid in Sales Meetings

  • List of Spam Words for Email Marketing

  • Linkedin Most Popular Hashtags

  • Sales Meeting Preparation Tips & more...

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