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4 Quick Tips to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Letting your sales opportunities slip away can put your Sales Growth at risk and lead to a frantic and reactive mindset. However, if you're facing a time crunch and require a swift sale, there are effective strategies you can employ without compromising your ethical standards. Here are 4 quick tips to grow your sales pipeline.

Why is a Healthy Sales Pipeline important?

Allowing your pipeline to run dry is like severing your own lifeline. It's a hazardous situation that can lead to severe repercussions for your career and your organization's financial performance.

When your pipeline lacks a constant flow of leads and potential customers, you are essentially putting your future sales revenue in jeopardy.

A robust pipeline is essential to avoid being forced into a reactive mode, where you find yourself desperately pursuing any available lead, often at the cost of quality. This not only adds unwarranted stress but also impedes your ability to maintain a stable and predictable

Why does the Sales Pipeline run dry?

Life gets busy, obstacles emerge, and you become so engrossed in tending to your current clients that you inadvertently neglect to seek new opportunities until it's too late.

Suddenly, you find yourself at the end of the month, quarter, or worst-case scenario, the end of the year, and you're significantly behind your sales target.

So, what's the plan? Where can you turn when you're in desperate need of revenue? You've got commissions to earn. How can you secure that quick sale?"

  1. Add-On Sell to Existing Customers

Your current customers are a valuable asset for your business. They already trust you and buy from you. Do you know them well enough? Do you understand what they need and how you can help them?


Because your current customers are a source of easy and profitable sales. You can offer them solutions that benefit both of you, without spending too much time or money on marketing.

Challenge yourself to make five calls this week, to any of your current customers, and ask them these questions. This will start a dialogue, and you will discover many products and services that you can offer them.

  • What is their business model? What are their main activities?

  • What are their most pressing problems?

  • How has the economic situation affected their business?

  • What are their goals and vision for the next five to ten years?

  • What are their most promising opportunities?

  1. Referral Generation from Existing Customers

You know those customers who are always raving about you and your business? They are more than just fans, they are your allies. They have a strong connection with you, your staff, and your vision, and they trust you more than anyone else.

These customers can be a powerful asset when you need to generate more leads. Don't be shy to ask them for their help. They have the credibility and influence that you may not have as a business owner.

While it may take you several attempts to convince a prospect, they can do it in a fraction of the time.

So, call them up, ask for referrals.

  1. Inactive Leads & Prospects

It's important to acknowledge that not all opportunities convert to sales and many valuable sales opportunities may have been left behind. While you've successfully taken the initial steps by initiating contact, engaging in conversations, and even following up a couple of times, it's common to lose momentum when prospects don't immediately express interest.

The positive aspect here is that if there were potential sales opportunities left unexplored, they still remain within reach for future endeavors. Therefore, now is an opportune moment to reflect on your sales calls from the past month, quarter or year. Take a critical look and identify 10 or 40 prospects who warrant another follow-up. These individuals may represent untapped potential that can be converted into successful sales down the line.

How to re-engage inactive prospects

Indeed, it's time to embark on a significant effort to re-engage with these prospects. Allocate an entire week to conduct follow-up calls. Reach out to let them know you're reconnecting to understand any recent developments or changes in their business. Additionally, express your readiness to share some fresh ideas on how your products or services can benefit them.

In today's economic landscape, mastering the art of follow-up is essential. Consistently practicing this major purge approach ensures that you don't leave potential sales untapped, and it can significantly streamline the sales process. By rekindling these connections and demonstrating your commitment to their success, you increase the likelihood of converting these prospects into valuable clients.

  1. Don't Repeat the Same Mistake Again

You've successfully replenished your sales pipeline, averting any potential crises. However, it's crucial not to become complacent. Instead, recommit yourself to active engagement and adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

Experiencing an empty pipeline and a lack of closed sales can be incredibly frustrating. To eliminate this source of stress, it's imperative to take consistent action. Follow these steps and make daily sales calls to maintain a healthy and productive pipeline.

Master Tip: Keep your integrity intact at all times.

There is a popular saying, desperate Times call for desperate measures. Wrong.

I want to emphasize the importance of maintaining your integrity at all times. While I don't endorse getting into a tight spot, I understand that it can happen, and I've been in similar situations myself. These are the methods, concepts, and suggestions I employ when I require rapid sales.

What makes these approaches valuable is that they can yield swift outcomes without compromising your integrity as a sales professional. Regardless of how challenging your sales situation may be, safeguarding your integrity should always remain non-negotiable.

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