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Forget about taking the offer, I am going to block you forever!

Customer Reactions for Bad Email Marketing

This is my reaction when I come across cold emails that are just plain “Click Bait” and nothing more. Just take a look at this email headline, how this sales rep is trying to use fear to get the email opened.

Subject Line

Spam Subject Lines | Email Marketing | How to write subject lines | Misleading Subject Lines

Email Content

Bad Email Marketing Content

Can you guess the next step?

They tried to gather my personal information through website to sell personal loans without any information on my score.

This has been the trends across B2B and B2C Sales where Sales Reps try to use fear factor to get the emails opened or call answered.

Generating an inquiry or making a Sale isn’t just about:

  • Getting your email opened.

  • Fooling the prospect to click on the link by giving false information.

  • Hoping that once he is on your website, he will forget what he came for and will get enticed by what you are offering to him.

  • That he will regard you as SMART for misguiding him and will refer you to his friends and colleagues.

A sale is a profession that isn’t about selling. It is about earning your prospect’s awareness, respect and trust and sale is done automatically. For those Sales Reps who are looking to make it BIG in their life, I am putting down tips on how to write a cold email to your prospect that will make him respond to you and also help you build your personal brand.

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Reid Paul
Reid Paul
Sep 22, 2022

Hello nnice blog

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