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Free Workshop for Sales Executives on Sales Interview Tips

Crack Toughest Sales Interview Questions in minutes to get placed in the top Sales Jobs

Amit Sharma
CEO | Author | Sales Consultant | Trainer | INC42 Contributor 

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Amit is a great guy to do business with. Skilled and reliable. I surely recommend 


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Amit is an extraordinary individual who not only delivers what is promised but makes the experience enjoyable and memorable. I have no reservations recommending Amit.

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Corporate Sales Marketing Executive Jobs in Chennai

I am glad you are here! The dream of being into Sales and earning lots of money excites you. Isn’t it? It’s fascinating to imagine -

  • Sales is the only field that gives you charge of your own destiny. 

  • Earning lots of money, roaming the world, fast growth to C-Level, it’s all part of it.

  • And the opportunities are enormous–Bank Sales, Software/IT Sales, Real Estate Sales /Medical Sales /Insurance & Automotive Sales.

But, realizing the dream of being into Sales needs you to first crack the Sales Interview.

Sales Job Interview Facts

Sales Job Interviews are hard to crack. Organizations seek skilled candidates that can bring immediate success for their organization and can quickly return huge investments made in them – Salaries, Incentives, and Tools & Technology. 

This makes cracking Sales Job interviews extremely hard for candidates. You can expect some of the toughest questions & situations presented before you to solve such as-“Sell me This Pen” with no predefined answer. It can be very tricky to answer and if not handled skillfully can results in losing the golden opportunity of working with the organization. It eventually hits your morale and confidence as well.

Don’t worry! I will help you get prepared to crack the toughest of Sales Job interview in just 2 hours.  I will share my experience and tips of cracking fortune 500 companies interview. I did that and I will help you too.





Sales Job Interview Questions
Workshop Topics
Entry Level Sales Interview Questions

This is the workshop that will be your silver bullet to crack toughest of Sales Job interviews. In this workshop, you will be trained for: -

  • How should I prepare for my first interview?

  • How can I sell myself better during a job interview?

  • What are the best interview questions that are tricky & require presence of mind?

  • Job Interview: What are the best answers to "Impress Me"?

  • What is the best way to sell a pen to interviewer?

  • What are some tips & tricks I should know before going to an interview?

And, the dream run doesn’t end here.

Sales Job Placement

I will get you placed in the most reputed companies of your choice in Chennai.

  • My Team will help you understand various Sales Jobs in different industries such as Insurance Sales, Field Sales, Inside Sales, Direct Sales, Medical Sales, IT Sales, International Sales, Software Sales, Construction Sales, Outside Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Retail Sales, Industrial Sales, and Auto Sales etc… 

  • It will include helping you with Sales Job Description, challenges, opportunities, and salaries, best and worst parts of the job(s) you wish to have.

  • We will identify the best opportunities based on your interest and get you prepared for the exclusive job interview to get you placed comfortably.

Isn’t that awesome to have a helping hand in the early stages of your career? How easy it becomes to have such guidance. But, what do we expect from you in return? 

Sales Job Interview Questions

Interested to Join?

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Oh! That’s the best part. We expect nothing from you in terms of money. All we expect is,

  • If you have attended the workshop, you should get placed on a Job through us.

  • If an opportunity is there to get placed outside, inform us and let us handle it for you.

  • We charge organizations to get you placed.

  • This is the only way we can recoup our heavy investments made in you.

  • There are couples of other conditions such as, you should be from Chennai. 

  • Workshop will be delivered through physical classes at a predefined date and time.

  • Minimum candidates needed for the Workshop is 10.

  • So, if you have friends interested in Sales, fill the form on behalf of them.

  • No contracts or obligations. 

  • No Payments taken for Course Training. It's Free.

That’s all! No such conditions that will bother you and will come in between you and your dreams. Shall we get started? Just fill the form next to you and we will let you know when you can join the workshop. 


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