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4 Key Reasons Why Your Sales Strategy Is Failing To Produce Revenues

Sales Strategy | Sales Objective

SchoolGennie an ERP based Startup, like hundreds of other startups in India, closed down last year. A team of young entrepreneurs ventured out into unknown territories of entrepreneurship, with the only dream to make it ‘Big’ in the business world. They had everything needed for the success, a well-researched product, and market demand, founding team, a small team of experienced development/sales professionals, office space and enough funds to run the operation. Yet it closed down within a year. When it had all the ingredients in place for initial success, why did it have to “Quit”?

SchoolGennie was struggling with “Growth Issues”. However, unlike most startups that close down every year, SchoolGennie did realize it was failing to get the sales engine to generate inquiries and crack the market.

  1. As a remedy, founding team engaged themselves with the Sales Operation but no Sales numbers or Revenues got registered on the chart.

  2. The founding team realized that they do not hold any Sales Background and needed professional help to steer Sales Operation effectively.

  3. They hired Trainees as well as experienced Sales Professionals to do the Job effectively; organized Sales Training in a hope to produce results but it backfired.

SchoolGennie did figure out all of its problems, tested all combination of solutions and still failed to lift the Sales Operation “off the ground”. What do you think was the real culprit behind this classic failure?

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