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How to start a conversation with a customer?

How to start a conversation with the customer?

Do you struggle to hold long discussions with the customer? Or feel uncomfortable asking all the details? Partly, the problem lies in how you start a conversation with the customer.

Typically, Sales Professionals immediately jump on to business discussion by either asking "How can I help You" or by introducing the organization. And it results in, customer getting disinterested and sales rep struggling to ask in-dept details. Why? Because you are giving your customer a series of business dose and he will eventually get a fatigue and then he will lose interest in the conversation. Unless, you make it interesting and light for him.

Top strategy to break ice with the customer

Here is my top Ice Breaker strategy for a perfect conversation start.

Pleasantries + The Question

Say something nice to the customer about the things he own and then ask him a question that invoke positive emotions and provoke him to start a positive discussion. Something like, as soon as you enter his cabin and greet him; mention how much you liked the interiors or exteriors of his office followed by the question it must have taken you a lot of planning or hard work to complete this? That’s it, customer will tell you the rest of the story and there begins a great conversation.

This is how I used to do it. On the way to meeting customers, I used to notice things about him or his business that I can appreciate and get him to talk about. Things like Office interiors, exteriors, business website, office location, painting, his dress code, gadgets or other accessories etc…

Remember the structure is quite important – Pleasantries + The Question and you will get on with a Solid Start to your Sales Meeting that will result in Amazing Sales. Plus, you and your customer will always enjoy this little conversation.

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