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Value Selling - Sales Training Workshop in Chennai by Amit Sharma

Are you Sick & Tired of Running after Leads and NOTmaking Sales?

90% of Sales Professionals do not choose Sales; they end up in Sales and are struggling to win deals without proper Sales Skills. Do you want to live struggling or wish to end your struggle like them?

If you have been struggling to close deals due to any of the below problems and wish to end your struggle then this workshop is for you Value Selling Workshop in Chennai.

  1. Customers like my product but don't buy.

  2. They asks me to send information in email to ignore my calls.

  3. They do not respond to my emails and social messages.

  4. They compare us to a less qualified competition and negotiate hard.

  5. Customers ask huge discounts and this is effecting profit margins.

  6. I am selling startup/new products and struggling to make sales.

  7. My product selling involves multiple decision makers and I have to run behind each one of them to close deals. This effect my Sales cycle.

  8. Customers run away after hearing our pricing and never come back.

  9. I have to depend on my manager for customer presentations & negotiations.

  10. products and influence customer purchase decisions. know how to introduce I am new to Sales. I don't

  11. Customers sees me as pushy Salesman. I want to position myself more authoritative to crack bigger deals.

Join the workshop to unlock the secrets to become a brand that customer will instantly trust, confide, believe and invest in without any questions or doubts.

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