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How to write Cold Emails for Marketing that generate response?

Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences. As such, email marketing becomes the indispensable channel of your multi-channel strategy. Every organization be it start up or fortune 500 uses Email Marketing to generate interested and qualified business inquiries.

How to write Cold Sales Emails?

However, the brutal fact is, only few organizations are succeeding in converting email marketing campaigns into successful Opt-In. Rest of the organizations are mercilessly falling into the trap of sending Cold Email Blast every single week and receiving no response. They have been hopelessly spending their dollars in generating content such as wide variety of videos, hiring fancy and expensive tools but nothing seems to work leaving them stunned with the question – Why?

The problem is not the content or the tool. The Problem is their cold emails are heavily focused on glorifying their products, features, brands & achievements. But Best Email are those that are written for the audience; one that carry value for their readers – educate them, offer value in exchange of their time or information or offer a step by step solution to their problems.

Here is the 4 step framework ‘HEBA’ to conquer ‘Cold Email Marketing’ and write killer emails that engage cold prospects. This has been our secret sauce to consistently generate hot inquiries and sales and I am happy to share it with you today.


First step in the process is to catch your prospect’s attention. It’s difficult since your brand is unfamiliar to him. Your email subject line is the only possible tool available to you to grab his/her attention. Get their attention with compelling headline. Headline should connect with prospect’s pain point and should have an emotional appeal such as Gain, Lose, Miss etc… Use the ‘EmailSubjectLineGrader’ tool to write compelling headlines.


A great subject line creates an opportunity for your content to be read by the readers. It is the responsibility of your main content to engage your readers with its value and turn them into interested inquiries. As part of the introduction, demonstrate that you get them and their problem. Highlight the Top Pain Point your audience is facing using statistics, problem statements. Top Pain points relate to – Revenue, Profits, Automation, Productivity, Optimization etc… This will ensure that your audience is engaged and ready to move further down the email instead of closing it or moving away.


Your readers are already engaged after learning about their problem. If you have noticed that we haven’t even mentioned anything about the product. This is to nudge the user into product discussion otherwise the entire content will look like a blatant Sales Pitch and turn the reader away.

This is the time to connect dots between the problem and Solution. Introduce the solution and position your product as a possible remedy to their problem.


Last step will be to Ask them to take the engagement from email to the next level of fill the Form/Call Schedule/Watch the Demo or Video etc… Highlight what’s more in the store for them and raise their curiosity. It is important to be very clear of your goal otherwise all efforts will go in vain. Ask should offer value in exchange to motivate user to take actions. Secondly, the Ask should be simple to follow. It is recommended that the ‘Action Sequence’ should be mentioned in multiple places in your email. It increases the response rate.

This strategic Email Marketing framework is proven and has delivered exceptional results for us and our clients. Follow this and you will never have ‘No Response’ email campaigns.

And, if you would like to learn more such strategies, grab a free copy of my best seller book here

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