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How to pitch to investors successfully | My Workshop for Entrepreneurs at IIT Chennai

Y2014 - IIT Chennai did not accept my Application.

Y2019 - I was invited by IITM to deliver a 'Keynote Session' on Entrepreneurship & How to Pitch to Investors alongside CTO Byjus (India's Fastest Growing Unicorn) & VP Zomato.

How to pitch to Investors successfully?

It was an interesting day as I get to meet so many Entrepreneurs and learn about their innovative ideas; Teach them on "How to Pitch their ideas successfully to Investors" as well as give inputs on their Presentation & Elevator Pitch.

When I think over it, it's not lot of things; in fact, its very few mindset changes that made it possible for me.

Intelligence Vs Efforts

- It's not the scale of the intelligence, it's the depth of the efforts that made it possible.

Goal Vs Mission

- It's not the Goal, it's the mission that lead to success, that today Corporate like Emami, Praveen Travels, Zebronics and more... approach me.


And, the last one but definitely not the least, just 'hang-in-there' and continue your journey. Eventually, it will all fall in place. It has to for as long as you don't give up.

Wish you all the success.

PS - Anybody interested in getting to know "How to Pitch to Investors", please type 'Yes' in the comments section to receive the copy of the presentation.


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