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Prestigious 'Great Companies' Magazine Interviews Amit Sharma for his achievements.

Dishah Consultants has been in talks since its inception. Our services and achievements have been appreciated by the Top Magazine and Media Houses in India and Abroad such as Inc, Inc42, Consultant Review Magazine to name a few. In the long list, recent addition is 'GreatCompanies'.

Our CEO Mr. Amit Sharma was recently interviewed by Great Companies for his achievements in Consulting Domain and how Dishah is positioned for the competitive market landscape.

Here are the excerpts -

Great Companies- What made you start a company like Dishah Consultants when there are already so many companies providing consulting services?

Amit Sharma | Yes, there are many National & International Consulting Companies operating in Indian domestic market, offering a wide variety of consulting services ranging from strategy to business, operation, financial etc… etc…

However, there are hardly a few, who are laser focused on Sales Strategy Consulting for today’s competitive landscape. The need of the hour for a business is an optimized Sales Operation to overcome tough competition. Business today, be it corporate, Small & Medium Business or Startups are bleeding Market Share, Revenue and Profit share due to ‘cut-throat’ competition.

An organization’s current Sales Operation Capability is ‘unorganized’ and ‘in-complete’ to handle current competitive landscape. The reason being, businesses are taking traditional approach to target 21st century competition. Their approach is to target a couple of top competition that is frequently encountered. But the competitive landscape is filled with multiple challenges; there is -

● Established Competitor - Stronger and Established Brands holding the lion's share of the market, giving smaller businesses tough chase for their money. Smaller Businesses in the absence of a proper ‘Unique Value Proposition’ are struggling to find a way to compete and win deals.

● Cheaper Competitor - Brands competing purely based on ‘price’ factor and snatching away majority of deals from a business. And, businesses, including their Sales Teams are ‘clueless’ about facing such competition. As such, there prefer to turn a ‘blind eye’ to it. This is hurting businesses beyond repair.

● Unorganized competitor - Brands that are virtually ‘non-existent’ but proving fatal for businesses. Such competition show up in the last minute and steals the show with their surprise deal package and businesses are clueless about their presence and how to tackle it?

This extreme situation demands a laser focused ‘Sales Strategy’ that is geared towards tackling all types of competition, businesses will find themselves in the competitive landscape of all flavors. "Unless Sales Operations and Sales Team Capability is geared towards tackling all types of competition, businesses will find themselves on the struggling end, wanting for more business, share and revenue."

Dishah’s realized this demanding situation and stepped up to offer ‘Sales Consulting’ solutions to give business a sharp edge against all types of prevailing competition. Our Services are focused on building & optimizing Sales Operation and Sales Team Capabilities through our Sales Consulting and Training Services to overcome Competitive Landscape Challenges and gain 20 to 50% Revenue in 12 to 16 weeks. And the result is, today, we are consulting many top brands in the industry and Dishah has been recognized among Top Sales Consulting Companies in India by CR Magazine.

Great Companies- You must have faced difficulties when you established this company, what were they and how did you cope with it?

Amit Sharma : Yes, there were many. In fact, we are still facing a lot of challenges as we are growing in leaps and bounds. However, our biggest challenge during our inception was making our presence felt in the SMB & SME sector. It’s funny in a sense, we were facing the same challenge we set out to solve for other businesses - overcoming ‘tough’ & ‘unorganized’ competition to position ourselves as the ‘Trusted’ brand to solve ‘Demand Generation’ & ‘Customer Acquisition’ problem. It gets more tricky in the startup landscape who are always short of capital and resources.

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