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Are your prospects not responding to your calls and emails? Here are the top strategies to bring the

How to revive inactive sales prospects | leads | accounts

How many inactive sale prospects do you have in the Sales funnel?

In one of our recent study, we have found that 25% to 40% of prospects become inactive after their first contact.

This is a consistent trend across any sizable organization which has a good amount of inflow of leads across various channels. I bet this would be the trend in your organization as well and that must be worrying you.

This is the cruel part of the sales management. While we do have little control over prospects that move away from the website without a contact but prospects that move away after first contact can certainly engaged to move ahead in the funnel.

But why do they become inactive after a contact?

Trends further shows that single accountable attribution is the approach towards qualifying the prospect. Every sales leader expects their sales team to better qualify a prospect to convert BIGGER and BETTER.

However, in an effort to better qualify a prospect, 80% of the sales agents focus on assessing prospect's purchase potential alone. This is a MISTAKE.

What is the true reason behind this? Sales Agent or a Trusted Adviser

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