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When Results get ‘TRUMPED’!

Business Strategies from Donald Trump successful campaign

Mr. Donald Trump has been crowned the 45th president of United States of America. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him and not the way he has carried out his "powerful' yet 'effective' presidential campaign.

Here are top 4 key takeaways for entrepreneurs and business owners from the most successful marketing campaign:

  • Know your Audience

Mr. Trump gained everyone's attention globally when he picked the topic of "Immigration". He nailed it completely by picking the right pain point.

Business Lesson: - Take time to understand your audience. Research about their top pain-points and build your business model around it. Your Product development, marketing Strategy, Sales and Distribution Plan should be completely built around that one pain point that you are looking to address for your target audience.

  • Know your Brand

Throughout the presidential campaign Mr. Trump has been candid about his views regardless of anyone liking it or not. He kept displaying his business knowledge and success, using inflammatory language and his level of comfort with political violence throughout.

Business Lesson: - A Business should be thorough with its Product and Brand strengths that gains "Customer Trust" and separates from competition. If marketed well, this results in repeat customers.

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