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Corporate Training in Hyderabad | Authoritative Selling

Corporate Training in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is Amazing. I feel a special bond with people of Hyderabad. Their energy and enthusiasm always inspire me to deliver more. No wonder, I love hosting my Corporate Sales Training Workshops in Hyderabad.

This was my 15th Corporate Training in Hyderabad. It was a full house on Saturday morning.

Corporate Training in Hyderabad

Attendees joined in from different sectors & industries. Young Sales Professionals, experienced Sales Heads, managers joined in from Real Estate, Mechanical, Aviation, Software & hardware Industries.

Session begin with Great energy & enthusiasm. People walked in with wide variety of problems that they were troubled with –

Struggling to engage CXO decision makers into conversation

  • Customers do not answer the phone

  • Customers do not respond to emails

  • Customers do not respond to Linkedin or Facebook requests either.

Decision Makers are avoiding conversations and raising objections. Customer says -

  • “Call me in couple of weeks” but never answers the phone.

  • “Send me an email” but do not respond to it

  • “We are already using an existing solution”.

  • “We do not have budget outlined for this.”

  • “We do not have any urgent requirements.”

Hard Negotiation situations

  • We are selling to Government sector and they ask for bribe.

  • Customers compare us to cheaper competition.

  • We are facing trouble selling against established competition.

  • Customer demands for 15 to 20 percent discounts effecting profit margins.

  • Customer put across unreasonable demands of heavy discounts that nobody offers.

Selling to CXOs and Corporate is Hard. Sales Professionals and Managers are not fully equipped with the right Sales Strategies and right set of tools to help them identify and close opportunities. As a result, they face multiple issues of –

  • Struggling to identify & engage potential leads

  • Struggling to identify leads true potential, needs, buying motivations

  • Struggle to convert deals into demo’s, negotiations and close them effectively.

And, that’s just basic. They haven’t even moved to the level of growing accounts through Upselling, Cross-selling, Packaging & Strategic Partnership opportunities.

Participants learnt top Sales Strategies to equip them with right approach to engage and convert leads into deals in first contact.

  • Right Authoritative Sales Mindset to upgrade Sales Approach from Selling to Guiding.

  • Top Sales Engagement Strategies to engage CXOs within first 2 minutes without objections.

  • Top Authoritative Selling Approach to quickly uncover buyers buying needs & motivation

  • Top Qualification Approach to uncover deal short term & long term potential and buying preparedness.

  • Top Presentation Skills to showcase solution value connected with buyer’s need and win maximum discussions.

  • Top Sales Proposal & Negotiation Skills to engage buyers and create win-win partnerships.

  • Top Sales Productivity Trips to generate maximum deals and sales.

Participants loved the strategies and the practical solutions provided. Participants felt the solution provided are readily usable for day 1.

Participants loved the activities performed to reinforce concepts. They did not miss to mention what a profound impact activities and practical examples had on their approach and they could see the transformation in their Sales Approach while learning in the workshop.

In the end, participants were just not motivated to implement new concepts learned in the workshop, they were also motivated to provide their feedback about the workshop and about Mr. Amit Sharma’s inspiring and practical approach to enable them to create more value for their customers and organizations. Here listen to their feedback and feel their motivation and excitement.

Are you also struggling to crack CXO Deals? Troubled with rejections & losing deals to competition? Interested to learn strategies to crack 60% CXO deals in first contact?

Join the Top Corporate Training Companies in Hyderabad. For more details on our upcoming workshops and corporate training programs, please visit here



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