Entrepreneurship and Guilt Conscience

If I am not at my desk, working on my laptop, I feel like I am wasting my time. When I’m attending a wedding, or watching a movie, I feel like I could use this time for more productive things. I carry these conflicting emotions all the time when I am not at my desk. Is that also the case with you?

Isn’t Entrepreneurship supposed to be cool? Shouldn’t we feel glorious things like we are our own boss, on flexible work schedules and right on the path to write destiny?

But the hard fact about being an Entrepreneur is the uncertainty, the time it can take to establish ourselves/our company in the market before we see the returns. The problem starts when we do not see returns coming from the efforts invested. Terrible feelings can surround us; one such feeling is: Guilt.

Guilt can easily drive us crazy, and makes us spend every single minute of the day at work. Nothing feels important than getting back to the laptop. It’s like you are going to burst out from within if you don’t work every free minute. But do you know, this guilt can easily kill your productivity & health? And, getting back to laptop is not “always the answer”.

Why the Guilt?

Building a company is like making your place in the market. It takes time for market to accept you, trust you and shower success on you. High assumptions but negligible results can lead us to question our decision and that’s when we start to get consumed by our guilt conscience.

- You Left the high paying job

You aspired to become an entrepreneur and left a high paying job or opportunity for this. This can haunt you when things are not panning out as you planned.

- You are running out of funds

Likeminded people get together and start a venture hoping things will turn out positive but when it doesn’t this can really put you in pressure realizing you are burning your hard earned money and savings.

- You are running out of time and opportunities

Despite your best efforts, ideas and planning, things don’t take a right turn making you feel opportunities are slipping away. Moreover, with time, grows your age and your alternate career choices keep reducing, putting you in more conflict.

In the current competitive Entrepreneurship landscape, it is quite easy to fall prey to “Guilt” and results are devastating.

What it does?

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