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How to Sell over the Phone?

I assumed Selling on Phone is just a Number Game. I was Wrong. In Job, I was selling to Marketing Generated Enquiries. However, when I started my own company I realised... I lost that Privilege. My survival depend upon generating my own enquiries - Selling on Phone. I assumed it is a number game - just find people with need. I was wrong.

  • I didn't know how to find such people with need. I used Google but then

  • I was stopped at reception

  • I sent countless emails but no response. And,

  • Customers avoided me Saying - Busy, Not Interested, Call Back Later

I was wrong to think - Find Customers with Need because nobody has a need for new solution. I realized, I have to create a desire in them for a better solution. But how am I suppose to do it if I cannot reach them and even if I do, they are not listening to me. Authoritative Selling helped me get Attention from Customers. Now, I can easily

  • Reach Them

  • I have their Attention & Interest and

  • I am getting appointments & Sales out of 50% of Calls.

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What will your Learn?

👉Free & Paid, Manual & Automatic Sources for Customer Database Building

👉Authoritative Introduction Framework to Cross Gatekeepers

👉Techniques to bypass Gatekeepers and Reach Decision Makers

👉Authoritative Sales Pitch to Engage Customers without Losing His Interest?

👉Authoritative Value Proposition to introduce your Solution and build his interest.

👉ADA Framework to Handle Customer Objections - Not Interested, Busy, Send Email etc...

👉Top Productivity Tips to Increase more Customer Appointments

👉Tools & Metrics to Measure your Performance

Interested to Join? Click here [₹ 99 Only Seats are Limited]

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