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Master Selling on Phone

Struggling to Generate Business Enquiries over Phone?

Gatekeepers block you & Customers avoids you with Excuses -

  • Busy

  • Not Interested

  • Already have a Solution

  • Send an email

I too had tried approaching customers on Phone - none were Interested.

I was clueless: Why customers are not interested into something they truly need for their business?

It took me some time to figure it out -

  • Gatekeepers Ignored me for they saw my calls as "Not Important"

  • Customers Ignored me for they didn't understand my product need & urgency for their business.

I went back to the drawing board & figured out - How to Project myself as an Authority to :

  • Get Past Gatekeepers

  • Engage Customers into Conversation

In short, how to convince 'Not Interested' customers. It took efforts but results were different -

  • Instead of Resistance, I got more attention from customers

  • Customers showed keen interest in my proposition

  • I started getting 5 times more enquiries with one call.

Are you facing similar challenges?

Would you like to Learn the Art to convince 'Not Interested' Customers & Win 70% Appointments/Sales in 1st Contact?

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