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80% of Organizations struggles with Sales On-boarding. Here is how you can do it effectively.

Is it hard for you to fill Sales Jobs? Does new hires under-perform? What about time and money lost in circling around?

Sales On-boarding is a BIG Challenge for 80% of the Organizations. Long on-boarding time, New Hires under-performance, high churn rate, time and opportunity cost in replacing Sales Reps are few of them. As a result, Organizations are missing Sales Quotas and Revenue.

That makes effectively on-boarding Sales Reps, the top most priority for Organizations across the globe.

What’s so hard about on-boarding?

On-boarding Sales Reps requires you to impart them with knowledge on three essential elements - Product, Process and Customers.

  1. Sales are a special skill and sales training has to be unique to organization’s requirements which are linked to its set of Products, Market Focus, Target Customer Segments and Market Differentiation. Toughest part is being able incorporate this Intel into your New Reps approach to enable sales team top performance.

  2. Additionally, Complexity in Sales is increasing with changing Sales trends viz. Globalization, growing competition, dealing with price war, pitching to multiple decision makers, Social Selling, is all part of the game now. It makes it difficult for Organization to optimize their on-boarding for Sales Rep to learn and build a Sales approach overcoming these challenges and win deals.

Strategies to handle on-boarding effectively

Today’s Sales On-boarding requirements are not limited to general Sales Process, Tools and Product learning anymore. Organization’s Sales Success lies in embedding Market and Customer intelligence into On-boarding to enable New Hires top performance. Below are the top on-boarding strategies that have helped organizations optimize their on-boarding program for success in Sales.

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