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Top 10 Sales Goal Setting Strategies to Double your Growth

Updated: Feb 20

Top 10 Sales Goal Setting Strategies

With huge desperation, I barged into my VP Sales cabin & said - I don't want to slog all my life to be successful at 60 years age just to buy medicines from my "SUCCESS" money and wait for my departure....

I was told Sales can get me massive success, big money, position, travelling etc.. It's been three years and all I got is 10% increment YOY.

He was startled and said, "dude stop scaring me."

"And, why do you think life is over at 60."

"In fact, life begins at 60."

I was like, please don't tell me the KFC's Owner Story; I will strangle myself.

Just tell me how did you do it?

"Do what?"

You became VP, got a big position, a big salary package and all that.

How can I get it?

"He asked - Run me through your goal setting methodology".

I said - My annual Sales target is XXXX which I will try to achieve.

And then he started firing his questions.

"How many leads do you need for this?"

"How many calls do you need to make?"

"How many emails do you need to send?"

Now, I had no answers to this but a classic silence and blank expression.

"He continued - Success in Sales is scientific. Which means it can be measured and anything that can be measured, can be improved as you like."

"You need a strong Goal setting model like OKR - Objectives and Key Results."

"Set your Objective."

"Set your Key Results and see how you scale your results in no time."

I said, sir give me an example.

He looked at me with a strange expression and said - you lazy bugger.

[Set Objective: Achieve 120% of Sales Quota.

Key Result 1: Increase number of qualified leads by 25%

(How - Do 20 additional Cold Calls per day)

Key Result 2: Convert 20% of leads into paying customers

(How - Create Customized Offers)

Key Result 3: Increase average deal size by 7%.

(How - Create questionnaire to identify Upsell opportunities for each lead)

Just remember:

1. Always set a bigger target then set by management

2. Know your KPIs well to assess how much more enquiries do you need.]

That was it and it really changed the game for me.

In no time, I started seeing the results and this helped me go from Sales Executive to Vice President Sales & BD in just a few years.

Along the way, I learnt many Goal Setting frameworks for different situations that were game changers such as:





- 4DX


- SMART etc...

I have got them in an e-book.

Top 10 Sales Goal Setting Strategies

Top 10 Sales Goal Setting Strategies

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