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Words to be Avoided in Sales that Hurts your Client Communication

I was great at Sales Meetings. My Client communication was flawless but customers never bought any of my products.

I thought using Phrases like -

"Please sign this Contract"

made my company sound Big & Serious.

But I was oblivious to the Negative Emotional impact of words like "Sign" and "Contract" had on clients and how it emotionally demotivated customers.

Words like Contract invokes a Negative emotion of being locked into something. It sounds difficult & painful even to me.

So did the Words:

  • Buy

  • Discounts

  • Cheap

  • Down Payment

I used it all day round. For example, "You can Buy it for..."

Little did I know, "Buy" comes with a negative feeling of shelling money triggering emotional resistance from client.

Yes, words have power to :

  • Shape Clients Opinion at an Emotional level

  • Make & Break Relationships.

I realised it soon enough and changed it from -

"Please Sign this Contract"


"Please Review & Approve this Form"

and Voila, I saw my communication graph shoot up taking up my Client Relationships.

I was now able to connect with Customers at Emotional Level and it helped me grow my Sales, Revenue and also fast paced Career Growth from handling Front Line Sales to Leading 4 Products Lines P&L Responsibility.

Good News. I made a list of 16 commonly used Negative Words & Phrases & better alternatives to help you strike most effective and meaningful conversations with customers to increase your Top & Bottom Line.

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amit bose
amit bose
Jun 11, 2020

The webinar, the article all helped me a lot with my business.

Keep it on Mr. Amit you are doing great work and becoming a moral figure for many guys

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